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    Since 2012, HostiServer has been delivering fast, reliable and secure solutions to over 4000+ domains for both small and large businesses.

    The company is composed of the most highly technical global professionals aiming to provide their customers with quality support and exceptional service. We provide flexible options that would best suit your needs. We take pride in our high quality Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Servers. Our success isn’t just a product of paid marketing, but of providing clients and businesses with the best web hosting service.

    We are the company that takes action.

    We provide monitoring services along with your packages to update you of traffic, CPU storage and other essential information that will keep your website at optimal levels.

    We are the company that listens.

    Don’t find what you’re looking for? HostiServer gives you server configuration options to keep you satisfied, secured and happy.

    We are the company that responds.

    As much as possible, we don’t keep our customers waiting for answers. Have any problems? Our technical experts are just a phone call away. Check out our website for more information.
    • Fast & Reliable service
    • 24/7 Technical support
    • Affordable rate
    • World Class Web Hosting company
    • Most trusted hosting company
    Now accepting you have the opportunity to buy or transfer your domain to HostiServer.

    We offer:

    Dedicated Servers (with 250GB Free Remote Backup):
    Dedicated Servers | HostiServer

    Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS/VPS) SSD Xen | HostiServer

    Backup solutions:
    Backup hosting | HostiServer