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  1. KingPing
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    KingPing is a performance marketing network delivering worldwide traffic on a large scale.

    Our team of experienced marketing and technical specialists understands exactly how to increase retention rate for mobile app developers and how to maximize the potential of a publisher.

    For publishers
    • 24 wide niche advertisers categories. Our global base of advertisers ensure you to achieve 100% fill rate, regardless of your users’ country.
    • Smart TDS. Our technology allows you to analyse your traffic in a real time and send it to the best optimized offer.
    • Unbeatable payout system. Short payment period and we pay up to 90% to our publishers.
    For advertisers
    • Brand safe mobile audience. We provide you with high-quality non-incent worldwide traffic by connecting to trusted publishers
    • Run ROI-focused campaigns. We maximize your ad spend based on actions that you define - from purchases to installs. We support CPM, CPC, and CPA models.
    • Real-time tracking and optimization. Flexible in-house tracking tool that helps us analyze data. Also we have dedicated compliance support team and integrated fraud prevention technology.
    Affiliate network KingPing works with hundreds traffic sources, through this partnership we are always ready to provide our advertisers with desired volume of traffic and publishers with additional profits.

    If you have got any questions, suggestions or just would like to say “Hello” please do not hesitate to contact us!