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    Skrayp is a PPV marketers dream. Finding URLs and keywords to bid on with your PPV campaigns can be a mind numbing repetitive nightmare. With Skrayp, you can turn it into a joyful 3 minute click, copy, and paste.

    You'll be doing a happy dance once you see all the great profitable targets Skrayp finds you :)

    URL Scraping

    • Scrape up to 1,000 URLs at once
    • Scrape target URLs from 36 different countries
    • Export and manage all your target lists with ease
    • We pay for the best APIs to get the best and most reliable results possible!
    Keyword Scraping
    • Uses Google's help to find you hundreds of keywords with just a few clicks.
    • Get really fast results with limited input.
    • Continually search your keyword results for even more keyword results!
    Video Scraping
    • Easily search every video available on YouTube to target
    • Automatically sorts videos to help you get the most impressions
    • Millions of cheap PPV targets available.
    Automation is key. Stop wasting your valuable time and launch successful campaigns quicker!