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★ BlogSenseWP - Content Automation Platform for Wordpress (Autoblogging & More)

Discussion in 'Design and Development' started by adbox, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. adbox

    adbox New Member Webmaster


    Have you heard of BlogSense?


    I want to thank you for learning about my product and hopefully you guys will decide to join our community of license holders, and help me further enrich and develop BlogSense to spearhead and remain the most powerful automation platform available for Wordpress.

    What you need to know

    Blogsense is a state of the art content automation utility that has all the features you need to begin and continue autoblogging, as well as enhance your development projects with automation strategies.

    I personally will work with you if you have any problems. If for some reason you become a special case and this script doesn't work, then will refund you in full.

    Wordpress 2.8.4+, php5, curl, and any non IE browser are required for operation.

    Here is a rundown of the features of BlogSense. You can click on the links to find out more information about each feature.

    I work very closely with my community, providing video tutorials and private customer service. If you experience a problem you will have my email address and a forum to post the issue on, because a problem for you will be a problem for another, so its good for everyone if we go ahead and nip it in the bud.

    Sales Page
    BlogSense-WP - Advanced Autoblogger Sales Page

    What to think about autoblogging?

    Many people believe that you can build a large quantity of generic broad blogs and make tons of money a month through adsense. This is a fools errand. This might work in the short term, but soon you will find your blogs sandboxed and your work wasted.

    Autoblogging is not about getting rich quick. It's about building trickle income streams and capturing niches, developing your own insider information, and then upscaling practices.

    To culture success with BlogSense you will want to provide either a new service, offering information in a new way, or provide a superior service, offering information in a better way than what is available.

    Weather you choose to monetize via amazon affiliate program, ebay affiliate program, ansense, or some other unique method, steady and growing traffic is your goal. Traffic is what you want to convert. So with this in mind remember that your Blog's traffic will be related to the SEO effort you place into it.


    Spammy blogs have a short life span. If you want your autoblog to provide you will trickle income fore a long time, make sure it is built with quality and service in mind. Google will treat good automation practices without prejudice, and they will treat spam as spam.

    That being said,
    I hope you find BlogSense to be a useful tool that comes in handy for you over and over again.

    Remember if you do not want to buy at the one time price, or are uncertain about automation practices, you are welcome to puchase monthly subscription rights to use BlogSense.


    Ok! If you are just arriving on this sales thread be sure to read the most recent posts (to the end). They often will have notifications of new cutting edge features released after OP.

    If you have any questions please ask away,
  2. jofferestate

    jofferestate New Member Webmaster

    don't heart........................be the best
  3. adbox

    adbox New Member Webmaster

    BlogSense 3.6 Released


    Translation Improvements

    Added content translation capabilities to the Youtube Module, including both video description and comments, as well as to the Yahoo Answers Module (including questions and answers), and the Drop Posting Module.

    Spyntax Improvements

    Added infinite levels of spinning. Here is an excerpt from a customer that explains out this improvement:

    "Well, I was pretty excited about this feature, but was sorry to find out that it only supports single text spinning. What I mean is that it will work like this:

    {Dean|John} is {going to|coming from} the {store|university}

    but not something like this

    {Dean|John} is {going to|{coming from|will be coming}} the {store|{university|Boston college}}."

    ...as it allows a much greater variety of spinning.​
  4. adbox

    adbox New Member Webmaster

    BlogSense 3.7 Released

    SEO Keyword Profiles

    SEO Keywords Profiles provides the user with a entire new section and settings. What this feature sets out to accomplish is the creation of keyword profiles that allow you to add special settings to instances of that keyword when it is found in an incoming article, such as text decorations (bold, italics, strong, underline) and url linking (including class and rel tag declarations). You can also set limits on how many times per article(post) you want BlogSense to apply these conditions to.

    Feature Highlight : SEO Keyword/Keyphrase Profiles « BlogSense – News

    Translation Improvements

    Added the ability to autodetect the language of the campaign feed, as well as fixed a hand full of special character bugs.
  5. adbox

    adbox New Member Webmaster

    BlogSense 4.0 Release Announcement

    Very pleased to announce the largest and best BlogSense update yet, where many new features and improvements have been added as well as feature requests answered. There is quite a bit of information to go over so bare with me read every bit so you have a good understand of the new changes.


    • Completely rebuilt Yahoo Answers module to improve search result quality management
    As many of you may already know, the Yahoo Answers Module was a wild performer, often giving broad results for search terms even when you were using exclude keywords. This problem has been solved by including the ability to narrow results by : category, target region, date range, as well as limiting search results and sorting by relevance or date.​
    • Completely rebuilt Youtube & Hulu Module, changing it into Video Module
    This time around we got rid of the feed based youtube search and plugged BlogSense directly into Youtube’s API, allowing for searches by keyword. This has improved the quality of search results.

    Youtube video descriptions are now optional, and when include will been formatted to sit under the video with the video thumbnail floating to the right. Looks pretty sharp. Special css class has added for further customization if user desires.​

    • ALL campaigns now have the option to be temporarily disabled and re-enabled.

    • Tagging system improved
    You can now create a custom tag database to assign tags to posts. Import a comma delimited batch of tags into the appropriate area, and BlogSense will select a random number of random tags that you specify and assign them to the post.

    Also added capability to use already established WP Tag Database as a custom tag database. BlogSense will select tags already in wordpress at random and assign them to posts.

    Also, useless tag filtering has been improved for the titles-to-tags method of tagging.​

    • Logout Button Added.


    • Added improved interface to Articles Module for easier browsing and editing (Now Sources Module)

    • RSS Module & Articles Module(Sources Module) : Improved post scheduling options to allow up to 20 days per post.

    • Added capability to add and remove categories to items in-sourced from Articles Module (Sources Module)

    • Added TinyURL url shortening to Twitter Posting due to random failings of bit.ly shortner.

    • Added capability to preview how a video campaign will work, just like RSS and Yahoo Answers Module.

    • Improved the way BlogSense is upgraded to newer versions

    • Changed Spyntax requirements to accept industry standard spyntax. (Spyntax can go into infinite levels)
    {word1|word2|word3} rather than [word1|word2|word3]

    Also improved the code to spin spyntax’d articles for faster output.​


    • Index Spy
    This little module is in the wordpress section of BlogSense, and was designed to give you the heads up on what pages of yours are indexed in google, and which pages are unindexed. Use this information to better promote your blog and expect some cool things to be done with this feature in the future.​

    • Content Hooks
    This is the probably the strongest addition to BlogSense. Content hooks will allow you to attach random images and youtube videos into your header and footer profile Blocks.

    There is no limit to how many hooks you can add, allowing you to create mix and match profiles to attach to other content campaigns.​


    • Articles Module becomes Sources Module
    Now you can easily manage all article source locations from once central management window, changing and saving scrape settings. You can even ADD YOUR OWN sources, declaring what parameters you want to use to scrape this particular location with. If the location has a commenting system with active comments, you can even set parameters to scrape those as well.​


    This was just a briefing of what is new . Expect video tutorials on all new features as soon as possible. It’s been a long month of developing and believe me there is already more to do to keep BlogSense a front runner of Wordpress automation platforms.


    You are welcome to trial this product for a month for only 10.00, and remain on that payment plan as long as you like. Or you can PM me to receive a 35.00 discount off the sales page price (110.00 after discount), but we recommend trialing the software before purchasing. Permanent members will always have access to the private forums as well as free updates and discounts on all other products developed by nohat labs.

    We want you to know its our goal and bloodline to keep BlogSense a highly relevant and useful toolset that you will be there when you need it most, time and time again. I look forward to your questions, PMs, and reviews (Be sure to post back here and let others know what you think!)

  6. adbox

    adbox New Member Webmaster

    BlogSense 4.2.4 Release Announcement

    It’s been about a week since the release of 4.0.beta, and we’ve worked together and weeded out a couple of small bugs, as well as added some new features. Lets take a look:


    • Regex Search & Replace functions for Sources Module

    Before when working with the Sources module, advanced setting were available that allowed you to alter the scrape parameters for the selected source, and add a list of search and replace commands on top of the content you discovered. We took the ladder(String Searching and Replacement commands) and changed it to Regex Search and Replace commands, so you now have the capability to perform even more complex content manipulations on your content. I’ll admit, regex(regular expression) commands are complicated. But sometimes they are the only solution to cleaning out unwanted elements in your scraped content.

    A PDF on how to work with regex has been included/embedded in the relevant  areas. Just as before, you will have the option to add search and replace functions directly within the article search’s advanced setting’s section, or you can add them permanently by going into your source management section and altering the parameters there.

    And note:… if you have a question on how to write the regex code that will do exactly what you need… take it to StackOverflow : D . Really! they’ll know exactly what commands to run to achieve your desired results.

    • IndexSpy 1.0 becomes IndexSpy 1.5

    IndexSpy was never really meant to rest as is. Organizing data like that screams to have advanced functionality developed into it, and thats just what we have done.

    You can now select pages, individually or sporadically, and export them as rss feeds. For Example: 20 pages indexed, 5 pages unindexed. Sort pages by index result, manually select the 5 unindexed articles, and export as rss. You now have a customized rss feed for rss submission.


    That wraps up feature additions. Still more on the development list so keep a lookout!


    • 1 post per day , post frequency option did not want to stick. Fixed.
    • In attempting to save images to same server, some sources with .org,.net,.gov,.edu domain endings would not transfer over. Fixed issue
    • Fixed image with occasional youtube thumbnail not saving on same server correctly.
    • Fixed issue with select items not displaying correct values in Google Chrome.


    You are welcome to trial this product for a month for only 10.00, and remain on that payment plan as long as you like. Or you can PM me to receive a 35.00 discount off the sales page price (110.00 after discount), but we recommend trialing the software before purchasing. Permanent members will always have access to the private forums as well as free updates and discounts on all other products developed by nohat labs.

    And as always, look forward to your questions, PMs, and reviews.

  7. webcreationuk

    webcreationuk New Member Webmaster

    Is this autoblogging concept any good? I am quite not aware about this service...
  8. adbox

    adbox New Member Webmaster

    It's really about how you approach it. I personally advise a person to have an need of automation before they seek-out automation software like mine.
  9. adbox

    adbox New Member Webmaster

    BlogSense Release Announcement


    1. Code Restructuring.
    The least interesting to you, but very very significant to BlogSense . The way data is stored in the database has been changed to a new standard that will allow the maximum features for each module, while keeping this clean and speedy. This overhaul prepared the way for many of the newest developments.​
    2. RSS Importing & Source Campaigns
    The RSS Module uses RSS feeds. The Sources Module uses Customized Scrape Profiles and Yahoo search engine results as a RSS feed substitute.

    Before we could only create automated campaigns for the RSS module, but we could not chose to review and modify it before it was published, unlike the Sources Module, where we could review and modify information before we published it but we could not create automated campaigns. This now has been solved because the two module have both been re-coded structurally and are now both are identical in capability. For both modules you now have two options: 1) Create Campaign. 2) Import Content.

    This will allow you to take an RSS feed, plug it in, source all the content into one display where you can disclude what is irrelevant, and modify and remove content that may not be desireable, and then publish/schedule the material. Or if you would like you can designate your settings and create a campaign that will automatically source content along side your cronjobs.

    This is very great feature that I hope will make BlogSense stand out above the rest.​
    3. Blocking Content in Preview Mode.
    The preview mode has been improved to allow you to quickly scroll through all the items of a campaign, and also provides you with the new option to block unwanted articles from being published. This is another feature designed to take advantage of transparency and place more power of control into the user's hands.
    4. Bookmarking Improvements (Very Important)
    Until now, BlogSense has had the option to add an Onlywire Account and a Twitter Account for bookmarking purposes.
    Now you have the option to add multiple accounts for each service. BlogSense will select an account at random and attempt to bookmark the item through that account.
    Proxy support has been added as well.

    How bookmarking currently works:

    As posts are scheduled they are added to a bookmarking queue. If a service(Twitter, Onlywire, Ping.FM) is active, then BlogSense will attempt to bookmark 1 post per cronjob or direct import attempt for that service and flag it completed if successful. If all bookmarking services are active (Twitter, Onlywire, Ping.FM) Blogsense will send the post data through all three. There is a 1/cyle limit because the bookmarking services themselves have throttles, and attempting to run more than one through their APIs will not work. FYI, this bookmarking module is very new, and under review, and is subject to improvement. Even now a throttling system is being developed to help make sure all new posts are bookmarked, and also a management system is being developed to help you manage your bookmarking queue.

    Also as already mentioned, Ping.FM has been added to the list of accepted bookmarking services..​
    5. Link Cloaking
    The link cloaking script has been improved. Now the script can detect if the visitor is a robot or a real person. If the visitor is a real person he/she will be transfered on to the destination. If the visitor is not a real person it will be redirected to 1.) A random post on your blog. 2) The hompage of your blog. These two options are configurable within your BlogSense administration panel.​
    6. Default Author
    You can now select which author you want associate with a campaign. You can also change your blog's default author on the fly from within the BlogSense administration panel.​
    7. Updating Experience
    BlogSense has implemented an auto-update feature. From here on out you will be auto-notified of new versions at the footer of BlogSense. There will be three options: 1) Read about the new update. 2) Download the files of the new update to your hard drive(for future installs) 3.) Auto-update on the fly (where your blog will auto-download the new files and replace them.​
    8. Theme & Plugin Loading
    Before this one a one-time only deal. Themes and Plugins could only be extracted once, to prevent overwritng. Now there is push button extraction for both Themes and Plugins, and each is accompanies by a warning that files will overwrite if they are already there; it lets you decide.​

    How to Buy @ Discount
  10. adbox

    adbox New Member Webmaster

    0 Release


    (Content Mixing)

    A Fantastic new token system is in place. These tokens are little bits of code you can insert into header and footer profiles that will use the titles of posts to search for extra content and include it if it is found. A pdf that explains the token system can be found here: http://screencast.com/t/YTBjOWYxMWM

    List of available Tokens:

    • Amazon Content Token : Will pull itmes from amazon, and use their top rated customer review to upsell the content. (powerful for mixing in additional content)
    • Amazon Widget Token : Will pull items' titles, and images, and create a icon+title row of relevant items.
    • Ebay Widget Token : Will search for items and build a ebay widget out of them. This uses the code structure for Ebay's editor kit.
    • Youtube Search Token : Similar to Amazon Content Token. Grabs the video, stacks it on the description with the video icon to the right of the description.
    • Flickr Search Token : This will search Flickr for relvant images. But these images are always broad. Its best to use the custom flickr hook already available for hooking random images. In that there is much more control.

    (Content Spinning)

    If you have been spinning with BlogSense, you might have noticed the insanely long time it would take to do it's business. Well this was causing too many server crashes so I outsourced professional help. Now we can spin 2000 words in <1second (versus the 10 seconds it was taking) and we have even increased the power of the spin. Before the spin was opnly spinning 3 and 2 words phrases. Now we can spin 5 ,4 , 3 , and 2 word phrases allowing for better spinning.

    As you may or may not know, BlogSense uses a phrase replacement system rather than a synonym replacement system to help preserve readability. It's a system very similiar to the Best Spinner and Magic Article Rewriter and might full just short of their power.

    (Heartbeat.php , Bookmarking , Bookmarking Management)


    Bookmarking is a fantastic way to get indexed, and I have been loving Ping.fm for this. One of the problems BlogSense faced was how to attempt to bookmark every post in a reasonable ammount of time when some blogs are trying to index 100+ posts a day. Well to do this we have built in a new cronjob system. Instead of running a cronjob every-so-often on /auto/cron_config.php, we now will run a cronjob once a minute on /auto/heartbeat.php.

    Running a cronjob on heartbeat.php will allow BlogSense to check for new bookmarks to publish every minute. If a bookmark's time has come, BlogSense will fire it. At the same time we can now use inner BlogSense settings to define when our real cronjob(s) will run. If the time comes to check for new posts and publish scheduled posts, BlogSense will fire cron_config.php itself from heartbeat,php, and even email the output to the email of your choice.

    Bookmarks are now auto scheduled 1 every X minutes. X is a random number between two numbers you define in your bookmarking section. This way when you source 50 new items, it will pace them out 20 minutes apart. BlogSense will always only attempt to bookmark 1 item at a time. If there is a backup on the bookmarking queue then BlogSense will keep working as normal until it katches up on itself.

    Additionally, if you are a long time user of BlogSense and are not interested in the advanced bookmarking, your current cronjob will still run BlogSense affectively so you will NOT be forced to switch over.

    (Twitter Hash Tags)

    Thanks to the advice of one of our users, hash tags can now be appended to tweets for better audience targeting and and faster twitter account building.

    (Yahoo Answers Redesign)

    The Yahoo Answers campaign creation has system has been converted over to the new model which allows for solo-runs, campaign names, and direct imports. Only one module left now : Amazon module. Good things can begin to happen when all modules are on the same system.

    (Yahoo Answers: Mass Campaign Creation)

    This is the start of a good trend. You can now use a list of keywords, or even use categories as keywords, to create multiple campaigns at once. Please see video:

    (Keyword Effects)

    Added ability to mass create keyword profiles based on keyword lists. http://screencast.com/t/MjJhYTFlMzQt

    How to Buy @ Discount
  11. adbox

    adbox New Member Webmaster

    8/1/2010 UPDATES

    (BlogSense) – Prices have increased.

    (Campaign Creation) – Mass campaign creation
    has been added to the sources module and the video module.

    (Post Editing) – Mass search and replace
    feature has been added, which will allow you to search for a string in
    all your published posts and replace it with a replacement string.

    (Post Editing) – Mass Title and Term
    editing. In this feature you can sort through your posts, and can
    quickly edit titles and tags. Here’s a video demoing these two
    features: YouTube - Autoblogging - Mass Search & Replace on Wordpress Posts - BlogSense

    (Auto Tagging) All the time I’m weeding out
    trashable tags to make the auto-tagging better. If you see some
    trash-worthy tags in your posts and would like me to remove them you
    can make a request on this thread:
    BlogSense Commnity &bull; View topic - Auto Tagging Improvement Request Here

    (Tagging) Added new setting to auto tagging
    that, if turned on, will take the generated tags and make typos out of
    them, adding the typo to the tags as well. In this video this feature
    is demonstrated and we go over how and when this feature might come in
    handy: YouTube - AutoBlogger Wordpress - Adding Typos to Tags - BlogSense

    (TITLE TEMPLATES) – I’ve been reading over
    at the Autoblog Blue print and I’m finding out how important it is to
    alter your titles when re-distributing unoriginal content. Another
    BlogSense member and I talked it over and we decided that the a title
    template system that supports spyntax was a must have feature. Here’s a
    video demonstration: TechSmith | Screencast.com, online video sharing, 2010-07-30_1130

    (Blocked Urls) – We now have the ability to
    manually edit our blocked url list.

    (Bookmarking) – You can now limit the
    amounts of posts scheduled to bookmark by setting a percentage.
    BlogSense will randomize the post ids, then take the percentage, and
    then clip off the disposable posts.

    (Keyword Alterations) There is now the
    option to mass apply keyword alteration profiles to all posts in your
    database. This is for posts that were published before a keyword
    alteration profile existed. All posts published while a profile is
    active will automatically be affected.
    TechSmith | Screencast.com, online video sharing, 2010-07-30_1145

    (Database Changes) On advice of a user, data
    is no longer being stored in the wp_options table to save speed.

    (Bug) – Fixed autotagging issue with solo run

    (Improvement) – Amazon Image Links now have
    target=_blank added to them.

    (Bug) – Javascript code was making it
    through on post content, this has been eliminated

    (Improvement) – ShareThis type bookmarking
    code is now auto-removed in some circumstances

    Improved Robots.txt

    Can now edit license information (For
    developers/flippers who will buy single site licenses)


  12. adbox

    adbox New Member Webmaster

    Latest Updates ---

    Thanks for being part of BlogSense! There is some very important information in this newsletter so lets get started.

    Custom Source Profiles

    We’ve added in backup-scrape parameters. What this means is now instead of 1 set of beginning and end codes for Title and Content grabbing, we can now program 3 sets of beginning and end codes. This will help us conquer sources who’s templating systems jump around such as Yahoo News (Which has also been improved in this version by using the backup parameters feature).

    In addition, Wildcards can now be used to represent dynamic parts of html code. To call a wild card use this token: %wildcard%. These wildcards can be used in Source Scraping and RSS Full Content Scraping.
    Example of Wildcard use:

    Improved Post Templating

    I’ve completely restructured the way post templating is handled by removing header,footer,and title template profiles and having these templates editable directly in the area where we create a campaign.

    This includes having the hook buttons (which allow creating manually selected pools of video or image content to include at random into posts) as well as BlogSense’s own automatic-content tokens (Amazon Widget Token, Amazon Content Token, Ebay Widget Token, Youtube Video Token)… and have even added in token integrations for phpBay and phpZon.

    In addition to the above mentioned integrations, BlogSense also now gives the user the ability to create custom %tokens% that will be replaced by user defined content.

    We might also see soon the integration of WP Robot Tokens and WP Mage Tokens as this is a major direction I’ve decided to take BlogSense in; an administration platform that detects and integrates the power of the other highly celebrated auto-content solutions.

    Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

    (Mass Keyword Affects)
    This feature has been improved and is running at top performance now.
    Added title=keyword to a href links.

    (Mass Search & Replace)
    Now shows post ids of affected items after replacement.

    (Yahoo Answers)
    Improved preview mode to show answers.

    Basic Authentication was canceled for Twitter. We had to implement oAuth standards to bring Twitter posting back online. YOU WILL HAVE TO DELETE AND RE-ADD TWITTER ACCOUNTS. I’m sorry, there is nothing better I can do.

    (Internal Code Structure)
    Now we are using Wordpress functions to add posts to the database, rather than custom queries. I’m hoping this does not bring us any trouble, but as a development decision it was necessary for non-English Wordpress Installs.​
  13. adbox

    adbox New Member Webmaster

    Latest Update

    We can now select the date we want to begin backdating from.


    We can now limit which campaigns are bookmarked by BlogSense. For example, if you want a campaign to only post to twitter, then you can set it up that way. Likewise you can completely have campaigns omitted from any bookmarking.
    Sometimes you might want to control the quality of the content announced to your social services. You might do this to improve your readership, acquire and retain more followers, or even to decease the chances of having accounts disabled due to overuse and clutter.


    Custom Fields
    Custom fields are now editable directly within the campaign rather than as a global setting, and in addition we also can use the second image url found in the post as a value or a custom value of your choice.


    3rd Party Software Integration & Other Post Templating Improvements
    BlogSense’s templating system has now shortcode creation wizards for WP Robot and WP Mage. So if you own these softwares then you can now use the power of their automated content.
    BlogSense supports short-code creation wizards for WP Robot, WP Mage, phpZon, and phpBay.
    In addition I changed two of the pre-included variables: %tag_1% and %tag_2% became %tag_title% and %tag_postbody%. These variables use the Yahoo Terms API to generate a tag phrase from the title of the post and from the content of the post.
    Also the variable %campaign_name% has been added, which will call the name of the campaign.

    Improved Spin Database
    In a joint effort to improve BlogSense spinning capabilities, a couple of colleagues donated word-token databases from their personal collection for BlogSense possible use.
    After manually reviewing the 3 databases I picked the best looking one and integrated it with BlogSense. I’m looking forward to your feedback on how this affects the overall experience.

    Remember, there is a setting in your ‘Global Settings’ area that if set can allow you to replace synonyms as well. The default setting only replaces phrases.

    Improved Campaign Creation Interface
    Just some touch ups to make it more organized and look pretty;

  14. adbox

    adbox New Member Webmaster

    Whats new in BlogSense

    The latest developments with BlogSenseWp automation suite.


    If the setting to randomize post times is toggled on (it’s off by default), then BlogSense will check for two parameters also defined in your settings; a minimum hour and a maximum hour. These numbers are based between 1 and 24 and represent the hours of the day. For each post, BlogSense will choose a random hour between our parameters for timestamp generation. Pretty simple eh?



    This is a work in progress, but is designed for potential integration with other scripts and services. I’ve already made two videos discussing the API and one of it’s potential uses with the Google Reader App.



    Many users have been requesting the ability to publish into draft mode or private mode or pending review mode. We've added in the ability to set this setting on each campaign.


    This is one of those that personally I never found a user for but many of my users request due to an idea they have going. It's a cool feature and was fun to create... and does a damn good job.

    How this works:

    • Can create a single RSS feed out of multiple RSS feeds.
    • Ability to sort by publish date ascending or descending.
    • Ability to mix all items at random.
    • This has been added as a tool to the RSS Tools Section.



    Some users made case that unlike Autoblogged, BlogSense was not able to retain the original date of an article or the original author. So to eliminate this weakness these options have been added in.


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