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10 things you should know about adSense

Discussion in 'Monetisation' started by temi, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    There seem to be a lot of confusion and lack of information about adsense, I want to compile ten popular info about adSense and perhaps expand it further at a later day.
    Please add stuff about adSense you are aware about but I have not added to this list.

    1. AdSense is not allowed on adult oriented website
    2. AdSense/adWords does not affect you Google SERP in any way
  2. midlandi

    midlandi Guest

    A few more...

    Sites displaying Google ads may not include:

    * Violent content, racial intolerance, or advocacy against any individual, group, or organization
    * Pornography, adult, or mature content
    * Hacking/cracking content
    * Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia
    * Excessive profanity
    * Gambling or casino-related content
    * Content regarding programs which compensate users for clicking on ads or offers, performing searches, surfing websites, or reading emails
    * Excessive, repetitive, or irrelevant keywords in the content or code of web pages
    * Deceptive or manipulative content or construction to improve your site's search engine ranking, e.g., your site's PageRank
    * Sales or promotion of weapons or ammunition (e.g., firearms, fighting knives, stun guns)
    * Sales or promotion of beer or hard alcohol
    * Sales or promotion of tobacco or tobacco-related products
    * Sales or promotion of prescription drugs
    * Sales or promotion of products that are replicas or imitations of designer goods
    * Sales or distribution of term papers or student essays
    * Any other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity, or infringes on the legal rights of others
  3. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    Pretty useful info Midlandi, thanks very much, rep added.
  4. TeamPlayer

    TeamPlayer New Member Webmaster

    They will e-mail you to tell you if they have disallowed an ad for some reason. It could, for example, be due to abbreviations they don`t like, or misspelt words, or too much repetition. Not a bad thing when you think about it, better to have an ad that looks right.
  5. mabaoshan36

    mabaoshan36 New Member Webmaster

    what type of content

    I see.
    Thank you for your post.
    I would like to ask a question
    what type of content about your sites for google adsense?
    Can anyone answer my questions.
  6. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    any contents as long as its now adult should be okay for Google Adsense
  7. Mr. Brown

    Mr. Brown New Member Webmaster

    adsense should not be your only form of revenue. not if you want more than to break-even on your site and time (opportunity costs)
  8. maldives

    maldives New Member Webmaster

    Another good point.

    * They do ban many innocent members without any warnings.
  9. OldWelshGuy

    OldWelshGuy New Member Webmaster

    Maldives, you do realise that technically they could sue you for that statement :(

    Google do not ban innocent sites. the site owner might be innocent, but there will have been some sort of illegal activity on there. Sadly though, sometimes they get it wrong. BUT in these cases I have managed to get accounts re-instated for people PROVIDING you follow the rules of re-instatement.
  10. kokkada

    kokkada New Member Webmaster

    very good post. I am join google adsense last 2005.

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