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110 Things to Do With Your Nose

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by realistic, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. realistic

    realistic New Member Webmaster

    Most are as plain as it is on your face, others aren’t.

    1) Blow it
    2) Wipe it
    3) Scratch it
    4) Pick it
    5) Be led around by it
    6) Keep it to the grindstone
    7) Look down it
    8) stick it in somebody else’s business
    9) keep it out of somebody else’s business
    10) Break it
    11) Pack it
    12) Stick something in it
    13) Wiggle it
    14) Wrinkle it
    15) Rub it
    16) rub it with somebody else’s
    17) Get it a job
    18) Follow it
    19) Chase it
    20) Squeeze it
    21) Hold it
    22) Brown it
    23) Tweak it
    24) Nip it
    25) Pierce it
    26) Press it against a window
    27) Paint it
    28) Powder it
    29) Smash it
    30) Smack it

    31) Turn it up at something
    32) Thumb it at somebody
    33) Have it for business
    34) Pay through it
    35) See past it
    36) Cut it off to spite your face
    37) Get it out of joint
    38) Stick it in a book
    39) Blow something out it
    40) Lay your finger aside it
    41) Flare it
    42) Stick a straw in it
    43) Twitch it
    44) Sniff it
    45) Protect it
    46) Stop to smell the Roses through it
    47) Snoop) around (with it)
    48) Put a bone through it
    49) Have your glasses slide down it
    50) Cover it
    51) Wear a fake one on it
    52) Numb it
    53) Breathe through it
    54) Grow hairs in it
    55) Use it as a smoke detector
    56) Put a clothespin on it
    57) Laugh fizz (or milk) up it
    58) Snort through it
    59) Sing through it
    60) Talk through it
    61) Have a twang in it
    62) Put a branch to it
    63) Have a stuffy one
    64) Sprits through it
    65) Nuzzle with it
    66) Pry with it
    67) Have a Bleed
    68) Take a dive with it
    69) Buy it a cone
    70) Win by it
    71) Stifle a sneeze through it
    72) Wheeze through it
    73) Lead with it
    74) Flatten it
    75) Bob it
    76) Shake it
    77) (Sun) burn it
    78) Stick it in where it doesn’t belong
    79) Lose by it
    80) Point with it
    81) Hold it high
    82) Lick it
    83) Try to touch it with your _____ (elbow?)
    84) Q-tip it
    85) Sniff something out with it
    86) Warm it
    87) Get it a warmer
    88) Find something right under it
    89) Whistle through it
    90) Play the harmonica through it
    91) Play a xylophone with it
    92) Push an egg with it
    93) Go in first with it
    94) Move ahead slowly with it
    95) Be right on it
    96) Hit something on it
    97) Freeze it
    98) Teach it to play football (guard)
    99) Fall flat on it
    100) Count several
    101) catch a cold in it
    102) Balance a _____ (ball/kibble) on it
    103) Snore through it
    104) get a “snoot full”
    105) hang a spoon from it
    106) Get it wet & touch it to frozen metal
    107) tell a lie and watch it grow
    108) Stuff it with silly string & pull it out at the most
    embarrassing possible moment
    109) Get raisins stuck in it and get a trip to ER
    110) Know when someone has raised a stink

  2. nurit

    nurit New Member Webmaster

    I have never been aware that i can do so many things with my nose. I wonder who has counted all this?

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