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16 sites for sale

Discussion in 'Websites' started by clicktechs, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. clicktechs

    clicktechs New Member Webmaster

    Blow out on this group of sites.

    Please read footer for complete details. All domains are at enomcentral.com where account and push are both free.

    wslinks.com $25
    nice new directory, 2500 submitted and hand approved links already, made one $4.95 sale and $2 bucks in adsense, getting over 300 visits (400-600) over the last few days

    4xvideos.com $12
    great adsense term, forex nice wordpress set up showing forex videos.

    createvideos.net $15
    of course site offers help in using videos for site promotion

    iarticlemarketing.com $15
    of course again, offers article marketing info

    phppackage.com $20
    this site offers a php package of scripts. Made one sale so far though I have spent a couple of bucks on PPC

    resellninja.com $20
    had good interest in the site, good site, name and product, even banners

    socialtrafficpros.com $18
    great domain, site and product

    thebobcat.com $18
    search engine using a licensed copy of phpsearchengine.com's script

    triplebogie.com $29(offers accepted)
    older DB of golf course and no admin, but should be good for adsense and cool domain, my most often count as well

    weflipwebsites.com $18
    very good domain and product, though there might be a small delay in delivery to make a membership site for buyer.

    needsites.com $20
    PR 1 and name is 4 years old, great place to list sites or get others to, which was my plan for over 4 years now. Have $30 in renewals alone.

    trickortwit.com $10

    needebooks.com $20
    this name is also 4 years old and offers, big shock, ebooks

    pdfcourse.com $12
    great buy for someone

    raleighrecipes.com $12
    older site I never finished or promoted. 146 indexed pages in google

    grandmomsrecipes.com $12
    good name, grandmom's recipes were always the best

    Site age and domains range a fair amount, some very new and some as old as 4 years. Please check a whois for details. Sites were never promoted (save the one in PPC) and just trying to get down to a reasonable number of sites I can manage. Because they were never promoted and in a couple cases completed none have traffic to speak of save the directory. All names are at enomcentral as stated.

    After paypal payment will push domain(s) to your enomcentral.com account and send FTP and cpanel data.

    Thank you for looking
  2. tbagent

    tbagent New Member Webmaster

    About the Payment

    Besides Paypal, do you accept other payment? Such as Moneybookers?:hi:
  3. Androshka

    Androshka New Member Webmaster

    How much would it be to buy all of the websites.
  4. Androshka

    Androshka New Member Webmaster

    How much for tiger directory site?
  5. john12345

    john12345 New Member Webmaster

    Thanks a lot :) I’ll start work now. See some direction already. thanks for the advise.

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