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1x Super big server available!

Discussion in 'Hosting' started by neilrbowen, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. neilrbowen

    neilrbowen Member Webmaster


    If anyone is looking for some serious power/bandwidth out there then i may have what you are looking for :)

    I don't sell dedicated servers as im sure you know, so these are special one off offers, and seeing as they are almost un-crashable on linux theres not too much worry!

    Server specifications.

    CHASSIS: Tyan 5U x 8 CPU chassis

    CPU'S: Installed with 8x 8356 AMD cpu's which = 32 x 2310 MHz cores.

    RAM: Installed with 32 Gb of ram, we can upgrade to 64 or 128Gb if required at an additional cost.

    DRIVES: 4x 143Gb 15krpm SAS Drives with hardware RAID10 Card.

    NETWORK: On the Openhosting/Ohtele network with 1x 1000 Mbps uplink (can add a second if required).

    APC (automatic) reboot port and access would be supplied.

    KVM over IP: Will have a permanent KVM connection but access will be by request and not automatic at any time.

    * Not compatible with Windows *

    Works very well with CentOS 64 bit linux however, can try other OS's if required. We've not had one crash ever on linux!

    Pricing wise we are able to offer;

    100 Mbps bandwidth & Server £1050 per month (+vat if applicable)

    Additional bandwidth;
    Up your CDR for just £310 (+vat if applicable) per 100 Mbits.

    If you go over your CDR on 95th percentile at the end of each month you will need to pay £4.50 per Mbit extra, so its a good idea to up your monthly CDR and pay it at the start of the month if required!

    We can rate limit the server to any speed required if you wish, the server will be capped to 2x the CDR as max burst.

    Example if you take the server and 200 Mbits, we will cap the port to 400 Mbits, so your maximum overages would be £900 if you use the 400 Mbits.

    Support would be done via myself or my business partner only via a dedicated email address for this server. I can't give you 24 hour support assurances, but i can give you an emergency phone number and this dedicated email address.

    The server is for the most part !UNMANAGED! If you require any heavy work to run you will need to get someone to do this for you.

    I can help with dedicated apache/mysql setups but i do not wish to go further than this.

    We can give you upto 32 ip's but we will only give you what you require.

    At time of writting the base package at £1050 would be $1512 per month. We will only bill in £ (GBP Sterling)

    So if you want to get this bad boy server (that cost me about $19k) then please feel free to PM me or email me at mail@bb-dev.com

    Please also note that we do keep a spare chassis, motherboard, ram, hard drives, raid cards on site, but we only maintain a couple of spare cpu's at present. If you wish we can discuss a monthly fee to keep more spares on site.

    We do have 1 more server of the same spec but with 300Gb hard disks instead and a slightly slower set of CPU's that won't be available for a few weeks. So it is possible to get 2 of these, prices won't be different however.

    CONTACT = mail@bb-dev.com
    MSN = neil_r_bo@hotmail.com

    We do NOT generally rent Servers, so don't ask us about other specifications, we won't be doing it! :)
  2. neilrbowen

    neilrbowen Member Webmaster

    General Terms of Service

    1) Content
    Content must be legal under UK Law to be hosted within the UK. By making payment you accept all responsibility for the content.
    We may terminate access to your server in extreme cases with 1 hour notice should there be illegal content on your server that we recieve a complaint about.

    2) Notice of termination
    Should you choose not to continue with the server, we request 7 days written notice by Email or Post only.

    3) Payments
    All payments must be cleared with ourselves before the start date of each month.

    4) Refunds
    Clearly no refunds are possible on this service except for;
    Power outage = 80% of the BASE package rate refund, 15% of the additional bandwidth refund, 0% of overages refund.
    Network outage under 1 hour in the month = No refund
    Network outage each hour over 1 hour in the month = 5% of the base package and additional prepaid bandwidth.
    Maximum refund is 90% of the base package and prepaid bandwidth in a month.
    Hardware failures upto 18 hours to resolve = 10% refund of base package and prepaid bandwidth amount
    Over 18 hours = 100% refund of base package and prepaid bandwidth amount.

    Clearly we would expect to resolve any issues promptly however these are the refund policies for the service.

    5) We will not host gambling related websites, or anything related to Spam.

    6) Services are unmanaged.

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