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22 Top DoFollow Social Bookmarking Websites

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by hasan_889, May 31, 2008.

  1. hasan_889

    hasan_889 New Member Webmaster

    For last couple of year, I’m taking active part in different SEO forums. One of the most common asked question is “How can I get quality backlinks?” or “Why I can’t find my backlinks?” etc etc. Anyway, I’ve come across a list of “dofollow” social bookmarking website lists. Hope none need any introduction with “dofollow” and “nofollow” link attribute.

    Websites are as follows:
    1. Backflip
    2. Bibsonomy
    3. LinkaGoGo
    4. Mister-Wong
    5. Spurl
    6. Buddy Marks
    7. MyLinkVault
    8. SpotBack
    9. A1 Webmarks
    10. ClipClip
    11. Connectedy
    12. OYAX
    13. MyVmarks
    14. TeDigo
    15. Complore
    16. Ez4U
    17. Info4it
    18. MyPIP
    19. Space-Ed
    20. SyncOne
    21. Yattie
    22. Upchuckr
    I wrote an article in my blog - 22 Top DoFollow Social Bookmarking Websites - Get Quality Backlinks. Please visit for more information about their google pagerank, google backlinks, yahoo backlinks etc updated tonight(31st May, 2008). If you like it don't forget to bookmark it in your favorite bookmarking websites and leave a comment for me.
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  2. zurk

    zurk New Member Webmaster

    I've seen this post on another forum :p
    Pretty interesting, and thanks for sharing it here!
  3. MarkeD

    MarkeD New Member Webmaster

    You're never going to rank for keywords just by posting to these sites. This list is more useful in finding marketing targets for your site: to the users of the dofollow social bookmark sites. (ie put the social bookmark chicklet on your posts, be an active member of that sites community)
  4. Cryxellis

    Cryxellis New Member Webmaster

    I was glad that I have an account in all of those social bookmarking listed :rofl: anyway thanks for sharing it to us, it was a great list :good:

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