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3G monitoring wagon to escort for transportation

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by apexis, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. apexis

    apexis New Member Webmaster

    Petroleum and petrochemical industry within a large enterprises have independently operated under the jurisdiction of the company, its trucks carrying oil is mainly responsible for the oil depot from vehicles to transport the sales network. Because oil is volatile, inflammable, explosive dangerous product, the oil distribution belong to high-risk industries, transportation safety in the process of vital importance, At the same time, the great interests in oil prices, driven by the petroleum and petrochemical enterprise in the oil transport links in face of the tough questions. Lost oil These problems once appear, will give petroleum and petrochemical enterprise to bring the very serious consequences and loss. How to regulate the operation and guard against transportation safety risk, improve emergency management ability, is petroleum and petrochemical industry transportation company believe the interest the important link of the management.
    In the 2G era, most petroleum and petrochemical transportation company has set up a file in the transport vehicle installed a GPS tracking positioning system, and to establish a management operation platform. As wireless technology transition to 3G era, based on the 3G network WCDMA standard network have more powerful data business ability, can support HSDPA14.4 Mbps transmission rate. Based on the 3G technology vehicle monitoring system function has been greatly expanded, besides the traditional tracking and dispatching management, but also to increase the full range of video audio monitor and DuoZhong data acquisition and the function it.
    China unicom rely on mature WCDMA network camera for the petroleum and petrochemical enterprise to build the on-board video monitoring system. The whole system is divided into the car terminal, Wireless IP Camera, the monitoring center platform and customer monitoring terminal four parts. The car terminal mainly includes the video server, camera, WCDMA wireless communication module, etc.; WCDMA network video surveillance terminal to provide safe, stable information channel; The monitoring center platform including interface engine, application server and client management, platform management function to video media server, realize the forwarding business management; and Customer monitoring terminal including monitor TV wall, PCS, Web terminals, cell phones, etc, the realization to the front of the video monitor. China unicom car video monitoring system with the hard disk video, 3g ip camera real-time monitoring, GPS positioning function in a body, the transmission of the vehicle can record data and many Angle running state real-time monitoring and recording vehicle loading of oil, transportation and discharging oil in the whole process of the vehicles audio and video material. Through China unicom WCDMA mobile network set up mobile data private network, will monitor data quickly and safely lose to the enterprise's monitoring center, make enterprise always view or synchronous check every car transport, real-time state wagon to improper operation, the conduct of the breach of security handled in a timely manner, prevent unnecessary incidents, eliminate hidden dangers and at the same time, thoroughly solved the supervision department in the work of evidence, the difficult to deal with the difficult question. Petroleum and petrochemical enterprise with the modern hi-tech means improve the efficiency of security management and a clampdown, the complete elimination of the oil in the process of oil transportation problem. Lost At the same time, petroleum and petrochemical enterprise can cooperate with electronic map to realize real-time locating and tracking of vehicles running, understand, improve vehicle route utilization efficiency, improve the level of management, reduce costs, improve enterprise benefit.
    This information from 3G monitoring wagon to escort for transportation.

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