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5 Tips for Outsourcing Search Engine Optimization

Discussion in 'Project Management and Outsourcing' started by Emily Maxin, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Emily Maxin

    Emily Maxin New Member Webmaster

  2. onsuccess09

    onsuccess09 New Member Webmaster

    Your post is great, nice tips.:)
  3. highlander

    highlander New Member Webmaster

    I never, ever pay for expensive SEO services - never have and never will, as I always get it done for free. The results Ive been quoted for SEO are very achievable for the average person with zero web experience, and the fees are always set at rip-off rates.

    Most of SEO is a con-job, designed to take your money, so just get your web designer to do it for 100% free! They are hardly going to refuse when your paying them for web design/hosting.

    Thing is SEO fails, did you know that? Well it does, theres no guarantee of even getting that No 1 spot or even staying on the first page of SERPS, so paying for something where you WILL find yourself dropping down them SERPs is like chucking money down the drain.

    There is NO guarantee with SEO services, how can some SEO firm make the search engines do something against their will!!!!! Impossible. If the engine wants to drop you to page 500 - they will - so stuffing keywords about the web wont work, manual link building is too slow, and the top keywords for each industry is too expensive.

    Selling keywords is what Google and Co do, and they do it to make shed loads of money! If they just 'let' you have your ways, they wouldnt be so rich as they are.

    The serps and pagerank are Googles joke on webmasters, Im shocked many still believe Google is their friend, yeah right - Google etc are in it for the buck and they will ban you, sandbox you, drop you, penalize you, remove your adsense blocks so fast you wont believe it. And no SEO on this planet will save you.

    Something to think about isnt it......
  4. pavan6993

    pavan6993 New Member Webmaster

    The tips are really useful for a newbie!
    Keep sharing such a valuable tips with us!
  5. sanseo

    sanseo New Member Webmaster

    Really Great tips...
  6. joeljonathan

    joeljonathan New Member Webmaster

    This is not true if you have a site with content/products/services that people actually want. However, yes this is true if you just have a spammy blog with a bunch of Adsense all over the place. :)
  7. shruchi nagar

    shruchi nagar New Member Webmaster

    I would like to appreciate you for providing such a nice information. You have shared nice tips for outsourcing Search Engine Optimization.

    thanks for sharing.
  8. karmadir

    karmadir New Member Webmaster

    Never go for person who guarantees traffic

    One tip more, never go for person who guarantee traffic 1000 or 2000 visitors in a day for your website.

    Most of them are fake.

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