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50pservers.co.uk / 50pservers.com / XGServers.co.uk copyright theft

Discussion in 'Legal' started by neilrbowen, May 26, 2009.

  1. neilrbowen

    neilrbowen Member Webmaster

    Hi All,

    Im in two minds what to do here, ignore it or take action, what do you think?

    50pservers.com apears to be owned and operated by XGServers.co.uk , now ignoring the fact there is no address on 50pservers, or the fact they bid on our trade terms (ukgame) etc.

    They apear to have decided its a good idea to copy the icons i created myself for ukgame.com and just change the colour a little bit.

    Our Icons (we have more icons than this and every icon they have matches on of ours)

    Now their icons (taken from their site 10:30am 26/05/2009)

    How do you deal with idiots like this who clearly can't be bothered to make anything themselves? Anyone know who hosts them for sure, maybe i should contact the host.

    Other post 50pservers.com / XGServers.co.uk copyright theft - Web Host Chat

    So is it worth sending an email to XGServers or just contacting the host, what would you do?
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  2. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    I had a problem not too dissimilar to this years ago, I was really really pissed off. I spoke to a friend of mine, a Barrister, what he said was that:
    i. An organisation that infringes copyright on item without much valu is a mickey mouse organisation.
    ii. You can pursuer them legally, but you will probably not even get your lawyers fees recovered from them.

    Giving the above fact, what do you want to do?
    A. Pursue them anyway and get them closed down or whatever it takes. (You will have the satisfaction but you will be out of pocket.
    B. Ignore them and let you customer know about the copycat so that they do not mistakenly go to their site instead of yours (which will not happen in this case).

    I think you should just stick two fingers in the air at them and continue with your business. I think the fact that people in your industry are copying you (its not pleasant for those idiots to rip your handwork off) show you are way ahead. Just say ahead.

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