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A Good SEO Strategy

Discussion in 'General Webmaster Helpdesk' started by midlandi, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. midlandi

    midlandi Guest

    What would be a good SEO strategy?

    Before you write one line of code:

    * Do keyword research to determine what keywords you want to target

    While constructing your website you should do the following:

    * Use markup to indicate the content of your site
    o Optimize your <title> tags on each page to contain 1 - 3 keywords
    o Create unique Meta Tags for each page
    o Use header tags appropriately (H1 > H2 > H3)
    o Use <strong> and <em> tags if appropriate
    * Optimize your URLs
    o Use Search Engine Friendly URLs (for dynamic sites)
    o Use keywords in your domain (http://www.keyword1.com/)
    o Use keywords in your URL (http://www.example.com/keyword2/keyword3.html)
    o Use dashes instead of underscores to separate words in your URLs (keyword2-keyword3.html)
    * Optimize your content
    o Use keywords liberally yet appropriately throughout each page
    o Have unique content
    o Have quality content
    * Use search engine friendly design
    o Create a human sitemap
    o Do not use inaccessible site navigation (JavaScript menus)
    o Minimized outbound links
    o Kept your pages under 100K in size
    * Design the navigational structure of the site to channel PR to main pages (especially the homepage)
    * Create a page that encourages webmasters to link to your site
    o Provide them the relevant HTML to create their link to you
    o Provide them with any images you may want them to use (although text links are better)
    * Make sure your website is complete before launching it

    Immediately after launching your site you should do the following:

    * Submit your site to all major search engines
    o Google (Use a Google SiteMap)
    o Yahoo (Use the page list option)
    o MSN
    o Ask (Finds your site via incomming links)
    * Submit your site to all free directories
    o DMOZ (also powers Google Directory)
    o JoeAnt
    * Submit your site to relevant directories
    o Find more at ISEDB
    * Begin a link building campaign (attempting to get keywords in the link anchor text)
    o Put a link to your website in your forum signatures
    o Reply to relevant blog posts (Don't spam please)
    o Submit articles to relevant websites

    If you will pay to promote your website:

    * Submit your site to pay directories
    o Yahoo
    o GoGuides
    * Purchase text links from high PR (Pagerank) sites related to your site

    Finally, as part of an ongoing strategy:

    * Continually update your website with quality, unique content
    * Continually seek free links preferably from sites in your genre

    Do NOT do the following:

    * Make an all Flash website (without an HTML alternative)
    * Use JavaScript for navigation
    * Spam other websites for incomming links
    * Launch your site before it is done
    * Use duplicate content
    o Point several domains to one site without using a 301 redirect
    * Use markup inappropiately
    o Style <H>eader tags to look like regular text
    o Hide content using 'display: hidden' (for the sake of hiding text)
    * Use other "black hat" techniques (unless you accept the risk - Banning)
    o Doorway/Landing pages
    o Cloaking
    o Hidden text
    o Keyword stuffing

    Additional Tips:

    * Usable and accessible sites tend to be search engine friendly by their very nature
    * Be patient! High rankings don't happen overnight
    * Don't obsess with any one search engine. They are all worth your attention.
  2. mcgyver

    mcgyver New Member Webmaster

    nice....sums it all up in one post :)

    of course, most of the hard part would be in offpage SEO which is getting those precious links
  3. maldives

    maldives New Member Webmaster

    Excellent thread! Just bookmarked!
  4. loredan

    loredan Member Webmaster

    Nice post! Thanks for sharing!
  5. TeamPlayer

    TeamPlayer New Member Webmaster

    I`ve only just read this thread as someone has recently replied to bring it back to the top.

    I`m interested in this point you made-

    So, what you are saying is that in the example below, which is one of the URLs on one of my sites, it shouldn`t be underscored like so:-

    Kitchen & Housewares - Kitchen Humor

    Rather it should be ......./kitchen-humor.php

    I`m not doubting what you say, but what`s the reason why this is better for SEO?

    If it is important enough then I`ll go through my Editor and change them all to `hyphens.`
  6. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    I personally do not think its important to the extent of changing stuff you have created previously
  7. rakib

    rakib New Member Webmaster

    nice and most useful posting.

    Thanks midlandi for sharing this.
  8. wpdesign

    wpdesign New Member Webmaster

    nice compilation of SEO tips

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