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a landing page with loads of meta keywords

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by someone_, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. someone_

    someone_ New Member Webmaster

    so i have a page that i hoped search engines would pick up

    its Super Dial - The low cost international calling solution

    If you go to the website and open the source code, you'll find a long list of keywords.

    Have i got the right idea or am i missing something?

    the page is not linked from the homepage does that make a difference.

    i havent put all the keywords on the index file because i think that increses loading time, right?

    will it be better if i out the keyowrd in the body, but i fear that would make an unprofessional page if someone does click on that page.

    But will putting the kekwords in the body increase ranking for the index page indirectly?
  2. someone_

    someone_ New Member Webmaster

    the link dispays the tage line

    but bascially its http,www,website-name,co.uk,keyword-page
  3. smeagain

    smeagain Distinguished Member Webmaster

    You couldn't have got it more wrong.
    A keyword tag is all but useless nowadays and in any case, should be relevent to the on page content not a SPAMMY wish list of hopeless expectations. These days, I seldom include a KW Tag at all as it serves no purpose. If it was that easy, SEO would be a 10 minute job.
  4. surreypcsupport

    surreypcsupport New Member Webmaster

    A list longer than 256 characters will almost certainly be truncated. It's just a waste of time creating a huge list of keywords.

    What order they are in is more important. Only use keywords you really want to focus your optimisation on.

    Also, I suspect the more keywords you have the less important they become from search engines point of view.
  5. MichaelMelen

    MichaelMelen New Member Webmaster

    landing page is bad for visitors (makes me click out right away) and as far as SEO, make sure it has more content and not just illogical keywords.
  6. mattinertia

    mattinertia New Member Webmaster

    Its not linked from the home page?! Where is it linked from?
  7. SEOmm

    SEOmm New Member Webmaster

    Don't spam meta.
    It's useless.
    1. focus on a 2-4 keywords on one page.
    2. mention keywords only once is good enough in meta
    3. you can spam keywords in body, but each word twice for the most. And need other content, put keywords in contextual.
    4. highlight keywords you want to rank
    5. do get a link from your home page or another good rank page for a long enough time, or keep it permanent
    6. use good pictures or navigation to forward visitors to your main page
    7. creat a few keyword text links to your site internal pages. This can help


    BTW, if you are interested in link exchange with me,
    Please PM me, or email: soundworker2003 (at) gmail . com

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