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Accessing A PC From Remote Connection

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by monsterpot, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. monsterpot

    monsterpot New Member Webmaster

    I just want to shout about a great piece of software I found recently called Wallcooler VPN, by vedevi.

    I have a PC stored in my attic which I use for a variety of things like downloading, blogging and pinging, auto posting articles, auto posting videos and other resource hungry stuff.

    My main PC is located on the ground floor and I connact to my attic PC wirelessly using Wallcooler. Its a free program and allows me to connect to the PC, it logs into it using the windows password, and it can copy and paste file between PCs - excellent tool.

    I can use my main PC for the fun stuff now while my work horse PC does its job in the attic. A great set up.

    If you run loads of software on your PC, then I highly recommend doind something similar. Buy or make yourself a cheap box, stick it in your attic and maintain it from your main PC. USe it for downloading and the other progs that eat up your resources on your main PC.

    I looked around innitially for some free open source tools to allow me to connect to and exchange files between the two PCs, but got to say, Wallcooler is great.

    Does anyone else have a similar setup at home, and if so:

    1. What software do you use to connect to the PCs and transfer data?

    2. What do you do on the remote PC (downloads etc)?
  2. bullshitwebsites

    bullshitwebsites New Member Webmaster

    I use virtual PC or timbuktu pro

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