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Admin Task

Discussion in 'Boss Cart JV User Manual' started by OldDarkstarAccount, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. OldDarkstarAccount

    OldDarkstarAccount Senior Member Webmaster

    The user who has Administrator permission has area to customize the operation of the site. All setup section has its help tool tips.

    5.1 User management

    The User management menu will show you a list containing all users in alphabetical order. You can search, group, order and filter this list. Here you can add a new user, edit (password changing) and remove users.


    5.3 Backup the Database

    There are two possibilities to create security database backup.
    You can login into the phpMyadmin page and export the database, but a more comfortable version is provided by Boss Cart JV. Please click on the “Daily database backup service” icon at the admin front page and set the personal preferences for this security service and you will receive the database every day via email.

    5.4 Template modification
    You can edit the default template selecting the template manager at the admin graphical control panel or using your own software.
    The template uses three files concerning the design. The core file is the
    /templates/revolution/index.php, the path of the style sheet is the /templates/revolution/css/template_css.css. The fancy mouse over effects are controlled by the /templates/js/hover.js. With some web mastering experience it will be easy to modify the colors or the layout of the template.
    If you want a custom template, feel free to contact us.

    5.5 eFroogle
    Google Base also known as eFroogle is one of the largets price comparison service maintained by Google Inc. Integrating this extension to your Boss Cart JV online shop makes possible to upload your products to this free service within minutes.

    The extension brings the following attributes to your products:

    • Product title
    • Product description
    • Product link
    • Product price
    • Currency
    • Product type
    • Product image

    Using it is very easy actually.

    Click on the „Generate new RSS 2.0 XML feed” link and a text area will appear. Pick the URL and submit it into the Google base account.
    In order to purchase this product module please send us a message using the contact form at Free eCommerce shopping cart software official website or you may directly purchase it at the eFroogle extension | Boss Cart extensions | sample Boss Cart JV golf shop page.

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