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Admin Training School

Discussion in 'General Webmaster Helpdesk' started by Bandit, May 24, 2009.

  1. Bandit

    Bandit New Member Webmaster

    FreeAdz is setting up an 'Admin Training School'

    So, you're all probably wondering what the 'Admin training School' is all about. Well let me explain.

    How much time have you community owners spent in the past, trying to find an admin that knows exactly how your forum software works, and what each and every setting is for? I would imaging I have set a rather 'Optimistic' picture... After all, who knows what every setting is for, and the results of using them? Not very many I would guess!

    What we plan to do is take members that wish to learn how to run a community, and your newly employed Junior Admins, and train them thoroughly in whatever community software they wish to learn, or your community uses. We will teach them everything they will need to know to become a successful Admin.

    Each 'student' will be given a set of tutorials, that they must study, and answer questions on, in the end of course exam. They will be given practical exams also... To show they can put into practice, the things they have been taught. these tutorials/exams will include topics such as:

    How to change a boards skin/theme,
    setting permissions,
    forum management,
    member management,
    staff management,
    daily tasks etc...

    In short, they will be given all the tools they need to become a successful part of any Admin team.

    If you are interested in becoming an instructor for the Admin School, then please PM me (Bandit), with your details and experience, and which community software you are most proficient with... i.e VB, IPB, InvisionFree, Zetaboards, MyBB, SMF etc...

    We also need (2) External Examiners, that will conduct the 'Final Practical' Exams, and will have the final say on whether a student passes or fails the course. Only well reputed, and experienced Community Webmasters should apply for this position. Again, PM (Bandit) from either here, or FreeAdz for further info, or to apply.

    If you wish to be a student on the 1st training course, please register at FreeAdz and reply to the highlighted thread with the following information:

    Which software do you wish to be trained on:
    Your Age:
    Your time zone:

    Each course will last for 1 month. Each student should be required to complete all tasks set for them as part of the course work, and the end of course exam. Each weeks course work should be completed by the Saturday, and been PM'd to your instructor. Your results for each week will be PM'd back to you, then posted in the appropriate forum.

    More information will follow shortly.

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