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Adsense CTR very low - shall i ditch it for the sake of other sites?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by zanet, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. zanet

    zanet New Member Webmaster

    Sorry my 2nd question of the day and thanks for your patience on this one

    I'm never sure if you are allowed to discuss Adsense CTR figures so i will just give close estimates

    I run 5 web sites on topics that i have a good knowledge on for the sake of the example i'll use 2 sites...

    SITE A gets a couple of thousand visitors a day, but they are regular fans of the site - so the adsense click thru is very poor say 0.5%CTR

    SITE B gets a few hundred visitors a day all unique and adsense is very good say 2.5%CTR

    I've tried split testing both sites and even changed the layouts - I've studied heat maps and my conclusion is clearly SITE A will always have around 0.5%CTR

    So overall my CTR for my adsense account is 1.5%CTR TOTAL

    I've read about smart pricing in the past but never been sure of whether its true - if it is Then should i remove SITE A from Adsense?

    Any suggestions as to what i should do for the sake of SITE B?

    Thanks in advance

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