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Adsense in an Autoblog?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by satnavdevice, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. satnavdevice

    satnavdevice New Member Webmaster


    I have an auto blog (wp omatic - just rss contents no rewriting), Can I use adsense in this kind of blogs?
  2. babloodmax

    babloodmax New Member Webmaster

    Hi Buddy!!!

    how we give adsense in autoblog..??? reply me soon.. meet again...
  3. adbox

    adbox New Member Webmaster

    I run most about 8 quality autoblogs and run adsense in most of them. There is no problem. My blogs are low traffic, though, and my earnings for 8 blogs are very low.

    I can look at them like a change jar that periodically gets cents thrown in them day to day.
  4. Xsecror

    Xsecror New Member Webmaster

    Adsense without traffic is useless, even if you put the ad in a very intrusive point.
  5. Alex Brooks

    Alex Brooks New Member Webmaster

    Yeah you can use adsence with auto blogs. :)
  6. jaikanth123

    jaikanth123 New Member Webmaster

    "Autoblogging" is the name given to automatically update the blog with other content. This is not illegal, as they use blogs "RSS feed", are published by the originating site for people to publish their content. Few people know this, but if used properly, can make money on pilot Autoblog automatic.
    Autoblog is basically to set up a blog that receives the contents of someone's site, and then republished in his. In essence, is where you can create a site that automatically updates with high quality content every day … and you do not even need to move a finger. You simply install a script that extracts the son of RSS, and then publish to your blog.
    To create Autoblog, you only need two things. The first is an installation of WordPress that is hosted on the server. This is important because you should be able to change a bit with themes and plugins. And the second thing you need is a autoblog plugins that are in Network – the most popular of what is called WP-O-Matic ".
    Once you have those two things, you must install the autoblog plugin in your WordPress site and then find food for your child process. However, where many people fall on their faces …. The problem with most autoblog is that people do not know the tricks and techniques you need to make your autoblog seems as natural as possible.
    Unfortunately, many people actually get RSS feeds of the players, such as blogs and directories article and then post them on the right. This is a big problem, because most RSS feeds are not the complete content – they are just a sample. This means that the autoblog most find out there have their positions and in short paragraphs, which serves nobody. For autoblog is as profitable as possible, it must be the most natural, attractive and lively as possible. This requires a bit more than just Wordpress Plugin and autoblog.
  7. w3bmaster

    w3bmaster New Member Webmaster

    It;s no problem
    You can use adsense on automated blogs ...
  8. Bilal Ahmad

    Bilal Ahmad New Member Webmaster

    Jankanth this is very informative. I was not aware from autoblogging. Thanks for your help
  9. punksluck

    punksluck New Member Webmaster

    Is auto blogging generally frowned upon by the search engines?
  10. barrywiki

    barrywiki New Member Webmaster

    Its like everything else. If you do this sensibly and resposibly, then there are no problems whatsoever.

    For search engines to be popular their basic remit is to provide links to supply the basic information searched for. If there are, say, 10 individual blogs all with unique content about a certain topic but there was 1 blog which, through syndication, provided all that the other 10 did plus a little more, then the searcher would hit paydirt with that blog.

    So, logically, the blog should not have any penalties imposed upon it.

    If so, then all news blogs, like Huffington Post, which simply post syndicated news articles would not show up in the SERPS.

    Remember...use all tools wisely, resposibly and you should have no problems

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