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Adult PR5 links

Discussion in 'Forum Post Exchange' started by Tigger, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. Tigger

    Tigger Guest


    Newbie here so ello folks :D

    I'm link hunting for some adult sites I own most range from PR5 downwards and I can also set up non-recp links if you like as I own 6 PR5's

    Looking forward to hearing the members that deal in the shady business of Adult websites :D

  2. Patrick

    Patrick Guest

    Welcome aboard "shady tiger" :)
  3. Tigger

    Tigger Guest

    shady tiger Moi never ;0)

    and its T-I-G-G-E-R BTW LOL

    so can I assume you have no adult webmasters here, shocking :roll:
  4. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    Hello Tigger,
    Welcome to UK webmaster world, I don't think we have an adult webmaster but you are welcomed to be our first and even resident adult webmaster.

    I don't have an adult webmaster link I can exchange with you but once you post reaches 20 I will be happy to give you one way PR3 link to your site and if you achieve 50 post I will make that 2 links, 1 PR3 and 1 PR4

    So what is it like in the adult webmaster world, you guys probably make more money that we do and do you host you sites in UK, in the continent or in US?

    Also SEO of adult site must be very difficult, there is hundreds of thousands of them out there and most people don't like linking to adult website, please tell me more about SEO for adult sites.

    (Don't worry, I will not become a rival and set up and adult site, just curious :)
  5. Tigger

    Tigger Guest

    Hi temi

    Thanks for the welcome

    No Adult webmaster here :shock: more like they don't want to put there hands put they deal in porn LOL. Thanks for the offer of a link, as lets face it you can never get enough

    Being a Adult Webmaster is not an easy life as lets face it it's got to be one of the most competitive sectors online, but the problem is most people have the same views as you that theres lots of money to be made, which there is "IF" you can get the traffic but lets be honest any industry is like that whether your selling boobs or mortgages

    My sites are stores which I host in the UK one is in my profile and I won't post it so I don't upset anyone but they are not hardcore stuff, that I leave to the yanks

    The SEO of an adult site again ins't that much different in fact finding linking partners ins't that hard because of the volume of sites going around, although most are very naff and I wouldn't link up to, the trouble I find is finding "good" linking partners as most high PR sites have a 101 bloody links on the pages so the exchange really doesn't do much for you

    If anyone is interested in knowing more about the adult game please drop me a note I'll be only too happy to help

    I do also have mainstream clients and some affiliate based sites it your interested heres one http://www.uniqueideas4gifts.co.uk/

    One other thing temi I knoticed in your profile you have a nice little directory listed with a PR6 I've also got a UK directory thats sat with the same PR if you want to do some index linking drop me a PM :shock: I assume you do have an internal main system here, still a newbie finding my way around

  6. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    Thanks for the insight into the adult webmaster world, yes, I do have a few web directories. I will PM you later today to see if we can do some link trading.
  7. Paul_KY

    Paul_KY New Member Webmaster

    Hey, Tig, any idea where I can find those free pics of Amber Frye?
  8. Tigger

    Tigger Guest

    :D free nope but give me your CC details and for £19.99 p/m I'll knock up a site and buy in some content

    BTW gents content is very cheap these days a set of photos are sold for $10 normally with 40-100 photos in.

    I was chatting to a content provider yesterday and he's got some very hot Russian girls :shock:

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