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Advantages of Dedicated Hosting

Discussion in 'Hosting' started by JohnDale, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. JohnDale

    JohnDale New Member Webmaster


    If you are running a large corporate website, or a website that receives a lot of traffic, there are many advantages to purchasing a dedicated server hosting plan. Is dedicated hosting right for your website? You can use our list of important advantages below to make your decision.

    If you don’t like cookie-cutter hosting plans, a dedicated option can provide a hosting plan that is fine-tuned to your business, not someone else’s. If you need special features or options, a dedicated server is usually the answer to getting exactly what you need and not being forced to add-on applications to a less than perfect shared hosting plan.

    Cost effectiveness is another important aspect of dedicated hosting. Instead of having to pay for costly add-ons, additional disk space and bandwidth, you can usually find a dedicated hosting plan that offers these features for less money than you would have to pay by adding on extras.

    Although there are many advantages to dedicated hosting, there are also some disadvantages that we will now take a look at to help you with your decision.
  2. ThomasC

    ThomasC New Member Webmaster

    There is no list? Smells a bit like spam?
  3. pingpipe

    pingpipe New Member Webmaster

    Shared hosting plans or a dedicated server aren't your only choices. Often a VPS is the more cost effective solution (and frees you from the hassle of day to day dedicated server administration)
  4. AlisaWalen

    AlisaWalen New Member Webmaster

    Yes, that's absolutely true. Virtual private servers do offers the same reliability, security, stability and high performance that a dedicated server provides. If shared hosting is not the solution then a VPS can be more beneficial for you. VPS is definitely a cost-effective solution for sites driving huge amount of traffic and requires high reliability in affordable rates. The only disadvantage of dedicated server is that you have to be educated about handling the administration of the server. However, you can get rid of the administration task by opting for managed dedicated hosting. In managed hosting, it is the hosting providers responsibility to look after the administration and the server management tasks. If a dedicated server is not capable of fulfilling your requirements then there are other solutions especially made for such clients, for example : Cloud Sever Hosting or Colocation Services
  5. Manuel - Regdotter

    Manuel - Regdotter New Member Webmaster

    I'd say that a VPS from a decent company is better than a low end dedicated server. Because you're sharing the hardware you can often get the benifit of decent RAID, backup, redundant power supplies etc. If you're paying serious cash then sure go for a dedicated with all the bells on but in a large chunk of cases VPS will give you more Reliability than a dedicated server.
  6. Addie.B

    Addie.B New Member Webmaster

    The main advantage of a dedicated server is that the entire server and the resources belong to you and are for your disposal. You don't have to share these resources with anyone. Having a dedicated server provides you with complete freedom and huge resources. Freedom of installing third party applications, root and complete control of the server. Apart from this you can individually upgrade the resources like space, bandwidth, RAM etc if you require more of these resources in future.
  7. mrkallen

    mrkallen New Member Webmaster

    Server uptime
    Application support
    Customer support
  8. LGClassifieds

    LGClassifieds New Member Webmaster


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