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Advantages of POP3 Email

Discussion in 'Email' started by JohnDale, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. JohnDale

    JohnDale New Member Webmaster


    Followings are some advantages which offered by POP3 Email service.

    # Since all mails resides on your PC, you can read your mail without being logged onto the Internet.
    # All messages are stored on your hard drive on your own computer. You only connect to net to download and post your messages from your inbox.
    # Opening attachments is a quick and painless process because they are already on your PC.
    # There is no advertising when you read your email unless you are using an Adware email reader like Eudora freeware.
    # There is not a maximum size on your mailbox, except as determined by the size of your hard drive.
    # There are often no size limits on the email you send or receive.
  2. JetStorm

    JetStorm New Member Webmaster

    How about some disadvantages like the fact that you can't access older messages from multiple devices, unless your email client has an option to leave the read messages on the server.
    Or that you might forget to copy your mail client's data folder while reinstalling your machine and lose all your previous messages.
  3. lukaterra

    lukaterra New Member Webmaster

    One advantage is a fact, that if you use account by many peoples - only one will can delete mail from general mail web account.

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