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Advice needed please :)

Discussion in 'General Webmaster Helpdesk' started by englishdad, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. englishdad

    englishdad New Member Webmaster

    Hi All

    I'd like some advice on designing a website if I may :)

    I've been asked to re-vamp our company website and it's years since I tackled HTML and websites.

    Basically I'd like your opinions on the best/easiest route to a finished website that has the following features...

    Ability to log in to view documents (pdf's)
    Possibility of adding a forum or blog
    Updatability (but doesn't have to be CMS as I might be the one updating)

    That's it really, I'm just unsure and out of touch with current design technologies!

    I'm looking at a web creation package at the moment called 'websiteX5 evolution' so even anything like that would do the trick if any of you learned people have used one!!

    In case anyone wants to look at our current company site, it's at spi.co.uk

    Thanks for your time and help in advance :) :)
  2. webmax ltd

    webmax ltd New Member Webmaster

    You can keep the website as it is and add a company blog using Wordpress. Wordpress is easy to install and setup and very user friendly. New web designs comes in XHTML rather than HTML, so if you want a designer make sure he can code XHTML.

    Also upon checking your website, I can see plenty of room for SEO.
  3. wanjamie

    wanjamie Guest

    Both Joomla and drupal with plugins can meet your needs.
  4. punksluck

    punksluck New Member Webmaster

    It sounds to me like you need Joomla CMS. It will do evrything you need it to from blogging, news updates and even forums as a plugin. Easy to install and very easy to manage.

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