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Affiliate Marketing Tools

Discussion in 'Monetisation' started by marketraise int, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. marketraise int

    marketraise int New Member Webmaster

    Affiliate marketing is tough. Anyone who tells you different is most likely very very smart, or very very stupid. Smart affiliates use button pusher marketing to crank out large sites quite often. Usually these sites certainly help with the size of the SE’s index, though many of them don’t contribute to the quality of their indexes. The best affiliate marketing folks are generally very technically savvy as well as marketing savvy. I really respect the opinions of those who have been successful at affiliate marketing, because I know it takes a lot of work, ambition, and dedication. I’ve never been what I would consider successful with affiliate marketing, but I have dabbled a bit, and listened A LOT. There is definitely some gold available for those up to the challenge.
    It’s getting pretty tough to come up with a weekly tool list these days. The following list will most likely be a less frequent occurence in the near future. If you have requests for future lists, be sure to let me know, and I’ll try to keep the tools coming as I come accross them.
    * List of Dropshippers
    * Webmerge
    * Webmerge tutorial
    * Another Webmerge tutorial
    * Linda’s Data Feed and IPC tools
    * Affiliate scripts
    * Datafeed Cleaner from AMWSO
    * Affiliate scripts from recycled talent
    * My Content Generator
    * BK replaceem
    * Product Showcase Creator
    * Revtrends - for consolidating logins
    * PHPadsNew - nice free adserver
    * C3 affiliate marketing scripts
    * Scriptlance
    * Elance
    * Get a Freelancer
    Best Regards,
    MarketRaise Corp.

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