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Afternoon Everyone

Discussion in 'Staff Room' started by I'm H, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. I'm H

    I'm H Member Webmaster

    Hi Everyone,

    Im unsure whether anyone was aware the forum was up for sale, but if you didnt then hello im the new owner.

    Ill be honest from the outset as i want to be completely transparent with you all, I was in this niche before and sold the forum about 2 years ago. I didnt have time for it but regretted the sale shortly after, since selling ive always wanted to come back into a niche of which i have vast knowledge in a number of subjects on.

    Last week i purchased a large webmaster forum which used to be one of the best, aimed towards UK webmasters it was taken over in 2009 and since then it was left to rot, My reasoning for purchasing this place is to merge it with this other forum to bring some better threads you guys have created to the forefront to give us a good base.

    The forum is getting traffic but lacks community and has been hit by spammers which ive already cleaned/deleted over 40,000 posts and an equal amount of user accounts. The other forum isnt currently finished, theme theme needs alot of work and the homepage also needs to be developed so obviously this is a massive work in progress over the coming couple of weeks.

    I wanted to post this up here to see how many of you are active, i understand merges are not everyones cup of tea and some other members are against adverts on forums ( which there will be on this other forum ) but id really like to see some of you posting, id like even more to have some of you to help build a better community.

    Some of you may know me from other forums, those of you that don't please don't be scared to message me for a chat if something is of concern and i will try and address those concerns the best i can.

    Thanks for any kind of response, as said above feel free to start a conversation ( pm ) with me if you feel it necessary .



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