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Alexa rating is really that important

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by John, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. John

    John Guest

    A discussion in my forum has prompted this newsletter as I think it is important for any online entrepreneur to understand how Alexa ratings work in order that they can understand why they may not be that important to the success of their online business. Too many people make the mistake of concentrating entirely on improving their Alexa ratings but at the end of the day, these rankings are just numbers - they won't put money in the bank.

    Alexa is a company owned by the Amazon group and it aims to rank every single website on the Internet in terms of how much traffic it is receiving.

    Quite simply, the lower your Alexa ranking, the more traffic your website gets. The ideal scenario would be to have an Alexa ranking of '1'. This would mean, in theory, that your website receives more traffic than any other website in the world. Currently this position is held by Yahoo.com and as you would expect, other top sites include Microsoft, Google and eBay.

    It is generally considered that a website with an Alexa rating of 100,000 or less is receiving a reasonable level of traffic but Alexa can be wildly misleading and very easily manipulated.

    To understand why the rankings are misleading, you need to understand how Alexa gathers the data that it uses to create the rankings in the first place. This is really very simple - Alexa has a free toolbar that you can download and install within your Internet browser and this reports back to Alexa with the details of every single website that you visit.

    Alexa can then use this information to see how many users are visiting a particular website. Then, because not every Internet user has the Alexa toolbar installed, Alexa will multiply the number of visitors by a specific margin to estimate the total number of visitors that a site may typically receive. The important word in the last sentence is 'estimate'.

    Let's assume that the above multiplication margin is ten - that means that for each Alexa toolbar user that visits a specific web page, Alexa assumes that another nine non-toolbar users will also visit the same page. This means that if 100 toolbar users visit a specific web page on a given day, Alexa will take this as meaning that a total of 1000 people visited the same page in that 24 hour period.

    This is where the figures can get distorted. If you have a website that attracts a higher than average number of Alexa toolbar users, then you are going to gain a lower Alexa rating because Alexa doesn't make any allowance for the fact that their toolbar users visit certain types of site more often. A typical example of this is Internet marketing sites. Most Internet entrepreneurs will have the Alexa toolbar installed because they like to see the Alexa rankings for sites as they visit them (the toolbar shows you this information as soon as you visit a site). But this means that if your website attracts a lot of Internet marketing-type visitors, then your Alexa rating will be inflated above what it should be.

    Here is a true-life example:

    There was a popular Internet marketing site for sale last year and it had an Alexa rating of about 19,000. I figured it must be getting heavy traffic but when I discussed the matter with the owner/seller, I found that it was only receiving 6000 unique visitors a month! The reason that the Alexa rating was so low was because the majority of these visitors had the Alexa toolbar installed and therefore the calculations were being thrown out massively.

    It is also possible to purchase software that will generate false hits to your site using the Alexa technology so that Alexa is fooled into believing that more people are visiting your site. This pushes your Alexa ranking down.

    At the end of the day though, what is the point of having a low Alexa rating if you are not making any sales? Sure it is nice to be able to say that your site is in the top 20,000 websites in the world but if the site isn't earning you an income, this ranking means very little (assuming that it was your intention for the site to earn you an income of course). Personally, I would much rather have a high Alexa ranking but a good income than a low ranking and minimal income.

    Of course, there are benefits to the Alexa service and it can be worthwhile installing their toolbar. The toolbar will give you an indication of how busy a particular site is and in turn, how popular it is. This can be helpful when making a decision as to whether to make an online purchase for example. It is also handy for checking out your competitors :)

    Just don't get too hung up on Alexa as a measure of how well your business is doing. The real statistics that you should be watching are actual traffic numbers, conversion rates (ie. how many visitors actually buy something) and overall sales. These are the figures that will help you put cash in the bank and improve and grow your business.

    If you are interested in finding out more about Alexa and if you wish to install their toolbar, you can do so at http://www.alexa.com

    Copyright Richard Grady
  2. monkey

    monkey Guest

    i think richard grady just wants a higher alexa ranking. i can agree with him to some extent, but not entirely. of course there will be anomolies that affect the rankings, and why certain sites aren't ranked. that's the nature of this particular tool, and with every tool you have to use it with a grain of salt. find out what the anomolies are in a system and make sure you know how they affect the results you are seeing.

    lets look at backlinks for example. if you do a backlink search for a site on yahoo and google you will get different results. and neither result is really correct, but neither are exactly incorrect. chances are that there are more backlinks that exist on the web to that site, but neither engine picks up all of them. in addition yahoo may have more backlinks listed than google or vice versa. in the end tho we use the information there in the context we recieved it.

    so how does this relate to alexa rankings? well backlinks are used are a way to gauge a websites rank or popularity or what ever you are going to call. the alexa toolbar is also just another way to gauge a sites performance, and nothing more. fact of the matter is that people do use the alexa toolbar, and i feel that the anomolies are easy enough to figure out that you wont have to worry about being scammed by very many top ranking alexa sites.
  3. John

    John Guest

    alexa is now too big, i rather submit my sites on many smaller search directories than just 2-3 large ones.

    Too many people are concerend about getting an alexa rating. i think that if you get on there, all good to you but if you dont well don't worry about it. I look at PR not alexa rating.
  4. monkey

    monkey Guest

    i dont know why you would look at PR. that's even sillier than alexa. at least with alexa you know how they are ranking people and where the anomolies are. PR is so unpredictable and makes absolutely no sense. i've had sites with zero backlinks have higher pr than a site with a few hundred backlinks for decent pr sites. you've got to look at everything with a potential site to link with. what exactly are you hoping to accomplish? if you want to see that little PR bar go up or the Alexa rating go up you do different things. Neither pays the bills at the end of the month so be sure to add good content, properly SEO, build up backlinks, and run a good ad campaign.
  5. John

    John Guest

    one problem i find with that, if you have a company website i feel that pr and alexa ratings seem to go up, if you have an off topic website like i own its much more difficult to become a high ranking website in alexa and also google PR. I made a F1 website a few months ago, i hired someone to do the SEO for me within 8 months i had a PR of 3, i had a rubbish alexa rating (cant remember what) also i was getting over 1000 uniques a day.
  6. monkey

    monkey Guest

    it just sounds to me like you are upset cause you arent getting rankings, and are choosing to pick on alexa. if you want to prove to someone the results that can be achieved you can point them to log stats or ad campaigns.

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