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Amazing - A Politics Forum

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by MrLeN, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. MrLeN

    MrLeN New Member Webmaster

    Congratulations for having a politics forum. I often mention stuff about politics on my posts, and forums usually jump on my back saying I can't talk about politics, even if the thread wasn't necessarily political, but a political comment needed to be made in order to set the context for the rest of my post.

    People can be so irritating. One example is a few posts I made about the Obama Deception, by Alex Jones. If I mention that, mods jump on my back saying: "NO POLITICAL POSTS! YOU HAVE AN INFRACTION!"

    I just sigh, because it's not even a political video. It's about the new world order and the private bankers and the federal reserve, which isn't even federal. It's about elitists taking over the world.

    But then, the mods say: "Well, the title has Obama".


    This whole world has become incredibly apathetic towards the problems of the world. It's any wonder we can be taken over and treated like cattle. There should be non such thing as a forum where people "Can't" discuss politics. No point living with our heads in the sand.
  2. ryouinterested

    ryouinterested New Member Webmaster

    and what`s the good part if you have a politic forum? you discuss... and that`s all.. :\ youre not helping,nobody helps you, we are just some litle pieces in this world :-j

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