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Amazon Webstores

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by Roo, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. Roo

    Roo New Member Webmaster

    Amazon Webstores are new! Is anyone using them? So far they are only launched in the US, hopefully they will spread soon though.

    What amazon have done is provided a very simple way of running a webstore where you can manage your own inventory, use a rangeof templates and designs and it's powered and hosted by amazon. Not only that but they power the payment processing using amazons system, giving buyers a well respected brand association.

    Pretty cool? Well, there's more - You can also choose to have your stock displayed on amazon.com just by ticking the box and paying a few dollars more. Your entire stock will be displayed on amazon.com as well. You want more? How about pulling customer reviews of the products you are selling? With webstores by amazon they provide the reviews of products on the amazon website and place them on your product page!

    Only have a small stock? Add amazon products to your store and get commission when someone buys something you don;t stock! You could even run an amazon webstore purely by stocking it with products from amazon with the intention of earning commission!

    So, has anyone tried it? Is anyone tempted? Do we want amazon UK to roll this product out?
  2. thefluffanutta

    thefluffanutta New Member Webmaster

    I've looked at it briefly, but I'm not sure I get it. Either way, the price is far too much for the kind of volumes I shift, and I don't have my own inventory. I can see that it's good for larger businesses that have actual products.

    I think I'll stick with my aStores and Squidoo lenses...

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