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Anti-Spam Adresses

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by kappa84, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. kappa84

    kappa84 Senior Member Webmaster

    This is a list for those who want to report received spam.

    For any kind of spam: SPAM@UCE.GOV, nonregistered@coldrain.net, submitspam@fortinet.com, allgemeiner-spam@internet-beschwerdestelle.de, is-spam@puremessage.net, reportspam@ipswitch.com, spam@cybertopcops.com

    By categories:

    StockJunk: stockjunk@coldrain.net, stockspam@investright.org

    Medical Drug Spam: rx@coldrain.net, webcomplaints@ora.fda.gov

    Fraudulent emails: scams@fraudwatchinternational.com, phishing@coldrain.net, spoof@millersmiles.co.uk (Nigerian 419 Scam letters, Lottery emails, Phishing emails and other fraudulent emails)

    Deposit Scams: depositscams@coldrain.net

    Software Piracy Spam: swpiracy@coldrain.net

    Counterfeit products: fake@coldrain.net

    419 Nigerian Letters: scam@efccnigeria.org,scams@fraudwatchinternational.com

    For received spam click forward as attachment and send it to above emails.

    Do not mess things up! You can send all your spam to general emails without any differentiation or, if you have the necessarily time sort it by categories and send it to the special emails.

    We can at least try to help cleaning the Internet, these adresses are for the ones that really cares. :)

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