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Anyone Had Any Bad Experiences Of Mark Attwood - Internet Marketing "Expert"

Discussion in 'Affiliates' started by sherlock_you_are_a_wnaker, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. sherlock_you_are_a_wnaker

    sherlock_you_are_a_wnaker New Member Webmaster

    Do not listen to Sherlock...Mark Attwood is the best at what he does.

    He has made a massive difference to my business, and lots of others that I know about.

    Sounds to me like Sherlock is just bitter about something, and should put his energies into his own sadly pathetic business rather than sniping at everyone elses success.

    Seriously...pay no attention to this clown Sherlock.

    Mark Attwood is the real deal.
  2. SEO dude

    SEO dude New Member Webmaster

    Dont be a sad, bitter, competitor...

    It sounds to me like you're jealous little man who isnt going to get a present from santa this year...:no:

    What are you trying to prove by listing his appointments and directorships? - It shows me that Mark is a true entrepreneur with plenty of experience in the real business world.

    I've been following Mark for over 6 months now and he puts out high quality content with most of it being freely available on his website. I work in exactly the same field so I should know what he teaches works!

    Mark is a genuine and truely generous bloke who lives in the real word running real businesses.

    Get a life and stop wasting your energy putting others down... it will only turn round and bite you back even harder.

    It's idiots like you who prevent people like Mark from sharing what they know.

    The more successful you become there is always some little jealous rodent trying to take a bite... Sound like anyone you know?
  3. What_A_Load_Of_Crock

    What_A_Load_Of_Crock New Member Webmaster

    You are a joke!

    SEOSherlock, in his dreams. He sounds more like an SEO nightmare to me the sort you wished you'd never got involved with in the first place - or maybe he is just living his nightmare 'cos no one believes his bitter and twisted rhetoric.

    What is your point?

    Are you jealous of Mark Attwood, is he taking your business away from you, are you one of these so called SEO experts that rip people off by giving them crap advice and a crap outdated service. Sounds like it to me.

    I've known Mark Attwood for over a year now and the amount of free advice, information and useful techniques he's given me in that time is amazing. He's helped my website increase traffic by over 2000% and increased my conversions and profit by a significant margin. Because of him and his generosity with his knowledge my business is on the up in a market that is very competetive. I would advise ANYONE to follow Mark Attwood - and I don't say that lightly.

    So what if Attwood's had a few business ventures that have gone wrong - I admire the man for getting back up and trying again. I myself have had partnes who've done me up like a kipper. You failed to put you business details up there, especially the financial one's showing turnover and net worth etc. Why is that?

    I despise people like you who hide behind a false name and cast aspersions on other people, trying to damage their reputation and ruin their business. SEO Sherlock you sound more like a SEO Shyster to me.

    So SEO Shyster step forward and reveal yourself, let everybody take a good look at you and decide for themselves whether you're worth listening to.

    But then again I'm so sure you won't.
  4. chas

    chas New Member Webmaster


    Its elementary my dear Sherlock, if Mark has wronged you, you should have the cajonas to tell him and do so in your actual name.

    What you are doing, says more negative things about you than it does Mark.

    All said and done, Mark is in exalted company, because it is far better to try and fail, than to pee and moan and snipe from the sidelines. Many real visionaries and entreprenuers have been in the place where Mark and Kate were earlier this year.

    I know that Mark and Kate are resilient and I also know that Mark's info is eminently implimentable (because I have invested in his wisdom and continue to reap the return).

    I suspect that you are still green (have not yet had to pee into a wind) or you are a frustrated wanabee. Either way I know that it would be Mark who I would want by my side when the chips are down.


  5. The Entertainer

    The Entertainer New Member Webmaster


    What a sad story you tell of Mark Attwood, success in business is all about peaks and troughs, you obviously have never run a business.

    I have attended some of Marks seminars, I have had nothing but success from implementing only a small amount of the vast amount of knowledge he has bestowed upon me.

    He's a nice bloke to. Maybe I could meet you some day and see what makes a sad sorry vindictive prick like you tick ??

    Keep up the good work Mark.
  6. Suzanne

    Suzanne New Member Webmaster

    Sherlock...I think the phrase for which you are groping when you say 'for all intensive purposes' is 'for all intents and purposes.'

    Sorry to be a little pedantic but your phrase, which is sometimes used as a corruption of the above by the poorly educated, actually means something quite different. Taken literally, your words mean 'for purposes which are intense.'

    Then again, perhaps you are right in your original misuse of the phrase. It appears that do have an intense purpose.

    It doesn't seem to have worked though, does it?

    Scared of a little healthy competition?
  7. Disgruntled Writer

    Disgruntled Writer New Member Webmaster

    I wrote for Mark Attwood's magazine - The Skip Magazine - for about a year as a freelancer. Six months before the company went into liquidation I started to be told that my invoice's would be paid "next week, next week".
    Six months and more than £2000 of invoices later the company went into liquidation. I never saw any money for the work I did.
    Mark sold the company to another company he owned and carried on trading.
    He's a scam artist who might know a bit about SEO but isn't the slightest bit bothered about paying his suppliers.
  8. Alternative4u

    Alternative4u New Member Webmaster

    You do not need to waste money by paying people on the internet with businesses who are themselves not making money either, yes they are going to tell you that sales will be great if you can give them £100 to spend on the next holiday they take.
    I can tell you that if you pay me £100 it wont rain next Monday, sorry it simply is not going to work.
    As I have said lots of times if shops like Currys and Tesco etc could make ends meet by only selling on line they would not still be opening more town and village shops right?
    The only way you are ever, yes sorry ever going to get people to your internet shops is if you tell them by giving out 1000's of business cards, the good news with that is that for every 200 cards you could get 1 buyer.

    Truth simply does hurt, but it is better to get head out sands, rather than get ripped off by CEO CEP TEP or what ever name they want to use today.

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