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Apache Server

Discussion in 'Hosting' started by djconners001, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. djconners001

    djconners001 Guest

    I want to set up my own server to run apache on a Linux desktop, i want it to run a BossCart store.

    Can someone tell me a good place to get some installation instructions that are simple for beginers as even the ones on the Apache website dont help me out much as when they say to type this and type that or ask you to run something it presumes you already know how.
  2. JamieBeeston

    JamieBeeston New Member Webmaster

    What OS are you looking to install this on..

    On the majority of modern Linux installs this will be as simple as

    yum install httpd

    On windows, it's just a case of downloading the installer and running it..

    It's going to get more difficult if you want to compile your own from source, but given your comments, I'd suggest otherwise.. unless you're happy for a learning curve.

    Is this a hosted server, or are you playing locally?

  3. blacknight

    blacknight New Member Webmaster

    If you're installing Ubuntu I think there's an install option for a LAMP server which will give you most of what you need "out of the box"

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