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Applying The K.i.s.s. Method To Your Projects

Discussion in 'Monetisation' started by marketraise int, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. marketraise int

    marketraise int New Member Webmaster

    When you’re dealing with very large projects, it gets very easy to lose focus and stray from your original goal.But the best advice I’ve always followed, was the Keep It Simple Stupid (k.i.s.s).A lot of you have no intentions of launching massive projects, but there really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t, or even can’t. Maybe you’re thinking “well, I just don’t have the time to do it†— yeah, that’s a load of crap and you know it. If you have time to run one site, then you have time to run one hundred. Or maybe you’re saying “I don’t make enough off of my first site to make moreâ€.You don’t have to have a lot of money to make sites, that’s the beauty of the internet. Things can be made in large quantities for so little. Hell, as long as you have access to some type of hosting, whether it’s free, shared or dedicated, you can do this.Anyhow, back onto topic..Here is a great way for anyone that wants to make a change in their income stream. The first thing you need to do is plan or create a strategy that you can use, over and over without making many changes to. This will be your barebones structure. Finding a niche too, it doesn’t necessarily have to be something that tons of advertisers spend $50 a click on, it can be something very basic.Make a list of everything you see, and start researching it online. Familiarize yourself with the top 5 niche industries you’ve picked.
    Okay, planning stage now. The goal of this excersize is to make money.You’ll need an ad network (YPN, AdSense, whatever) and some content. The best content is always unique content.Come up with 10 different topics.Research those topics on sites that have information about it, and write down 5 main ideas for each of those 10 topics.A main idea only has to be 1 or 2 sentences long, so don’t go writing a novel just yet. Now your job is to create some articles. What you can do is you can look at articles you’ve read already, take each of those main ideas, and structure an article around it. Because that’s what every other article on the topic is, it’s just the same idea put into someone else’s words. This should take you about 2 hours at most.The next step is to come up with a layout of the site. Now here’s where it may get a tad tricky, but don’t get scared, because you are in total control over the situation and outcome.
    Choosing a layout is tough, because what may appeal to you, may not appeal to many other people. Color schemes are also very important. A very good way to keep it super simple is to just follow the layout of other sites that are ranking well for the keywords of the niche you’re going for. But instead of straight out copying them, just make a “lite†version of it. They obviously have way more content and pages than you, so work with what you have in front of you. Don’t go crazy with it by creating links to pages you have no content for. If you think of a good idea for the site.. WRITE IT DOWN and save it for when you can use it. But for now, keep it as simple and straight forward as possible.
    Now here is where we can make some money finally. Ad positioning. This has to be by far the most important part of the project.There is no king of anything. You know when you read on forums about people saying “traffic is king†or “content is kingâ€.You can’t make as much money as possible with only traffic and no ads or content, and you can’t make money without traffic but amazing content. You need to have a medium of everything combined. And the part that really boosts your revenue potential is really good ad placement.Gone are the days where banners needed to be flashy in order to get clicks. Have the content and ads meld together so that it seems like the ads are part of the layout and content, and that they aren’t there to annoy anyone.It is really foolish when really good laid out sites or sites with awesome content just waste their potential by sticking to the normal size banner ads because they were too damn lazy to put in the time to concentrate on proper ad placement. So ad placement INSIDE your content is something you need to focus on.
    Last part of the step is to create VOLUME.I’m a strong believer that when you do something correct, and it makes you money, then you should keep plugging away and doing it over and over and over. Use the notes from this post to create your own little network of 100 sites . SEO your sites correctly, and you’ll build up longterm streams of traffic.
    Alright, enough writing. Go do it and stop making excuses for yourself. You CAN do this. Time to make more money 4 d future.
    Best Regards,
    MarketRaise Corp.

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