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Article Marketing For Online Entrepreneur

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by The IM Strategists, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. The IM Strategists

    The IM Strategists New Member Webmaster

    Online entrepreneurs,individuals who are typically flying solo, working out of their home, and promoting some type of product or service solely online, runs a demographic spectrum fom the full-time affiliate marketer to the stay-at-home mom selling handmade craft items from her web store.

    These two things have something in common:their desire to succeed and their commitment to article writing and marketing as a primary promotional strategy.
    They need to increase their credibility as an expert and provide exposure that can result in other promotional opportunities... all from the comfort of their own home. There's no need for an office building, a plethora of office equipment, or fancy business attire.

    It can be a lot of hard work. Writing articles isn't always easy, nor is analyzing your results and implementing new strategies. In the end, you know that it's all worth it ... you just wish it were a little easier.

    SOURCE: Article Marketing for the Online Entrepreneur

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