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Ballmer Throws A Chair At "F*ing Google"

Discussion in 'General Webmaster Helpdesk' started by Pentarix, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. Pentarix

    Pentarix Guest

    A reliable source has passed along a legal document in the ongoing lawsuit between Google and Microsoft over Google's hiring of Kai-Fu Lee. The document is the "Declaration of Mark Lucovsky" in the case. Lucovsky was a distinguished engineer at Microsoft who defected to Google in November of 2004. His statement makes for some pretty interesting reading, to say the least.

    Read the article here
  2. Lanre

    Lanre Guest

    I think Mr. Ballmer needs anger management therapy he may hit his target next time if care isn't taken.
  3. Paul_KY

    Paul_KY New Member Webmaster

    "Thereafter, Mr. Ballmer resumed trying to persuade me to stay....Among other things, Mr. Ballmer told me that "Google's not a real company. It's a house of cards."

    He's right. And the cards WILL come crumbling down. Meanwhile Kai-Fu Lee will be serving egg rolls and the local diner.

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