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Best Ecommerce Cart Software For Clothing Shop?

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by SteveD, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. SteveD

    SteveD New Member Webmaster


    Im building my first online shop selling shoes (and some clothing). I would like the users to be able to filter products by sub-categories. For example; Size, Colour, Price, and Brand etc, as shown in the image below:


    Click Here to view the webpage. Any idea what software they used to do this?

    If not, which other ecommerce cart software would be good to use? Ive had a quick look at Cubecart and Magento, but not sure if they can do this? I wouldnt mind buying software (up to about £400) if needed.

    Thanks for any advice!
    Steve :thumbsup:
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  2. PhilStott

    PhilStott New Member Webmaster


    Go with Magento 100%. I started using it for my clothing sites in Feb and I havent looked back. We used to use oscommerce but enless you have time to keep developing new features then its not really worht it. But with magento you get almost everything out of the box, infact so far there isnt anything it hasnt been able to do for me.

    Check out my new site www(dot)mensdesignerclothinguk(dot)com

    Email me on phil(@)blackoutmedia(dot)co(dot)uk if you want any help with magento and if you want the site designing and developing aswell then I can do that for you too!(obviously the last bit costs!!)
  3. Emilyecho

    Emilyecho New Member Webmaster

    Make sure your pictures/words ratio is proper so that your product pages have good rankings in google.
  4. anna0077

    anna0077 New Member Webmaster

    CS Cart is very good.

    Hi, I have tried many, many shopping carts before and must say one:

    I love CS-Cart, I moved to X-Cart 2 moths ago but have recently decided to go back to CS-Cart after much reviewing of another scripts.
    Interspire SC was my second choice, and there are still a couple of features that I would love to see in CS Cart.
    1. (and I know this is a big mod) proper order management and partial shipping of orders/individual item shipping. This would then allow for proper back orders, part payment of orders, etc etc.

    2. The order process in the admin is excellent. Select customer or new customer or anon customer first, then on same page add products using ajax seach on SKU or description. Very clean process, very fast (important when you have a customer on the phone).

    3. Tracking numbers for all orders (haven't found this yet in CS).

    4. Allow customer to buy product? Checkbox. When unticked, an option becomes available to display price or message to customer (useful as sometimes there are products available offline only but still want them in the store).

    If you want to make a business then must have a little bit of money for begin. My experience with the all free open source carts is not the best. Sure they cost nothing, but if you need a help.... Yes your help desk is the Google only. I have a few online business sites and my last (and must say the best) choice was CS Cart. It cost realy "nothing" and you get all features, the best support (the Interspire is a nightmare) and 1 year free upgrades, all what a online store need. I don't buy my CS Cart licenses direct by the company, but from a reseller page webdesign-creative.com, they sell it for $217, the price on the CS Cart site is $265, and they have often a special price (it is a coupon code) and you get yet $20 off the price. But I don't know if it's actualy, must looking on the site or on Google for cs cart coupon code.

    Yes guys, the TIME is money and if you want a free cart, then must spend 100+++ hours with setup, design, bugs, and, and, and....
    I am very satisfied with my CS Cart and trust me, if you want to make a serious business and want many of customers and visitors, then you need a serious tools to do it.
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 5, 2009
  5. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    has any of you guys tried my shopping cart? its one of the fastest rising shopping cart in UK, its called Boss Cart.

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