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Bloggers are your days numbered

Discussion in 'General Webmaster Helpdesk' started by Tigger, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. Tigger

    Tigger Guest

    Don't know if this is the correct section, if not admin pleasse move it

    MSN/Google & Yahoo are testing a new tag that blocks links from blogs. From now on, when Google sees the attribute (rel="nofollow") on hyperlinks, those links won't get any credit when they rank websites

    more info


    lets hope it won't be long before they apply this to GB's but the thing I've always found crazy is how hard they are making this for themselves after all if they wanted to it would have been easy to filter links from a blog as most blog have that word on the page so just tell Googlebot to ignore pages that contain "blog" within it or maybe I'm just making this to simplistic

    So bloggers your going to have to do it the hard way now and building links the old fashioned way, I'm looking forward to seeing some of the heavy bloggers fall from the serps once there little links get dropped
  2. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    You seem to think this is a good thing, I am not sure it its good or bad, why should it make any difference to an average internet users ?
  3. Tigger

    Tigger Guest

    to the users it won't make any difference, to SEOers it will stop the black hatters creating there way up the LP and get them working to build LP rather than just hitting the blogs
  4. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    I see your point
  5. smeagain

    smeagain Guest

    This just shows how seriously Google and Co take PR (or Link Poularity) manipulation nowadays.

    Google has always preached "Design your Pages for Visitors not Search Engines", now that same philosophy is being applied to links. By that, I mean they want you to link to another site because it is "Likely" to be of some interest to YOUR visitors, not because you want to manipulate PR.

    I predict this is the first of many measures that will be invoked to try and restore some credibility (and usefulness) to the value of PR as a Yardstick and hence improve the declining standards of SERPs relevence by those Search Engines that use it to evalate relevency.
  6. monkey

    monkey Guest

    im not sure you exactly understand blogs or the nofollow tag. this nofollow tag is not intended to drop blogs from the rankings but it is intended to decrease the ammount of spam comments and trackbacks that are being left on blogs. in addition it is also intended so that for example you want to refer to a competitors website without passing along your PR or a backlink you can use the nofollow tag.

    so in essence this shouldn't hurt anyone who uses honest means of SEO or blogging.
  7. Tigger

    Tigger Guest

    Problem now not only do we have to check for spammy site when linking up we now need to check the coding to make sure the webmaster inst dropping the nofollow tag into his links pages :x

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