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BOE Game Engine

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by Isomerizer, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Isomerizer

    Isomerizer New Member Webmaster


    BOE (Battle of Earth) is a game engine programmed from scratch, I have put alot of time into creating this.
    It's based on war and each country battling each other or teaming up an alliance.
    Fight for your country and put your best effort in to make your country one of the best!
    It's up to you how you play, aggressive, peaceful, political...
    Game is very easy to modify, as it uses a clean, secure folder strutchure.
    I'd recomend some PHP knowledge before purchasing though.

    Released on: 23/02/09
    Latest Version: 1.1
    Developer: Isomerizer


    - Registry
    - Screenshot page
    - Terms & Conditions / Rules
    - Forgot Password
    - Voting System
    - Referal System
    - NPC Battles
    - PVP Battles
    - Embassy
    - Serve Country
    - Tavern (Slots, Guess the dice, Dog racing, Jackpot lottery)
    - Mail System
    - Report System
    - Rucksack
    - Supplies store
    - Personal Notepad
    - PJIRC Chat
    - Hospital
    - Leaderboard (Top players, Richest players, Top countries)
    - Userlist
    - Users online
    - View user
    - Send Cash
    - Send Supplies
    - Search Player
    - Rename Units
    - Upgrade Units
    - Dismiss Units
    - Sell Supplies
    - Game Statistics
    - Tutorial
    - Report Issue
    - Preferences (Change username, password, email, display pic, signature)
    - BB Code system
    - Donate Page (Make $$$ via your game)
    - Staff List
    - Promotion system
    - Installaltion script
    - Custom Error script
    - Admin Features...
    - Ban User
    - Edit User
    - IP Search
    - Give User Cash
    - Give User Donator Days
    - Cash Transfer Logs
    - Battle Logs
    - Referal Logs
    - Todays Voting Logs
    - Report Logs
    - Mail Logs
    - Banned Logs
    - Issue Logs
    - Staff Logs
    - Mass Mailer

    1.1 Update:

    - Religion Option with benefits
    - Character page
    - Medals
    - Alliance option for presidents

    Plus a few bug fixes and alterations.

    Purchase / Prices

    $120 - Engine.

    $200 - Engine, updates for 3 months, installation.

    If you wish to purchase, please send the x cash to payments[at]isomerizer[dot]com as well as your domain, server OS, php version.


    The game engine is using ioncube encryption to encrypt the installer and core scripts. Each buyer will have there own unique license key linked to there server IP and domain. Hopefully this will cut down piracy, and each sale will be dealt with carefully. A blacklist has been generated, and users with a history of scamming/piracy/cybercrime will not be allowed to purchase this script. Please don't let this put you off, the game will still be customizable as only a few core parts of the program will be encrypted.


    A demo of the game can be found here: link will be posted after 10+ posts


    Thanks to Nyna for her free DB class and other help along the way.
    Thanks to mdshare for general help and ideas.
    Also thanks to LostOne(Luke), Templar and all of the ALPHA/BETA tesers.

    Contact Email: payments[at]isomerizer[dot]com

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