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Bulk Domain Lookup & Research Script

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by midlandi, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. midlandi

    midlandi Guest


    This is not the everyday script you've been seeing on the forums, this is much, much more advanced and UNIQUE.

    The script can be seen LIVE at Bulk Domain Check

    What features does this have?

    - Option selection, allows you to choose what you search for, increases search times.

    - REAL TIME lookup - Sick of waiting till the entire list is done so you can get your results. No more! The script outputs as fast as it receives the information. Don't wait around! Get the stats as soon as you can!

    - Logging to .TXT - Already done the search once? Don't want to have to type in the URLs again? Good news! All results are logged to the /saves/ folder, (CHMOD 777 it.) - This means you can show the results to your friends etc, and if an option isn't selected. It isn't logged either

    - Column Sorting - Click the row headers to automatically order the results by anything you like, want the domains to be in alphabetical order? Order of lowest to highest PR? Highest to lowest Alexa Rank? It will be done smoothly and instantly, allowing easier viewing of data. Even better, it smoothly degrades in Javascript disabled browsers!

    - Row and Cell Highlighting - Sick of not knowing which row your looking up? Now it highlights the entire row with a subtle tone, allowing you to easily see what your looking up.

    - Example List - At the click of a button, the text area can be instantly populated with the top 20 sites in the world, allowing users to view not only the status of the world's greatest sites, but also allow them to use your script when their is no list. This means even someone who stumbles upon your site by accident can use it, without even a list to check. (This list is also good for demo uses)

    - Help Guide - At the click of the button, a help guide (which I'm still writing, but you can change) will popup, allowing the user to see detailed instructions on how to use the powerful script. Even the most ignorant person can use this simple point and click script.

    - Huge list of lookups - Not only can this script lookup:

    - IP Address of server hosting the domain
    - Alexa Rank
    - Google PageRank
    - D.MOZ listed
    - Google Backlinks (How many sites does Google find that link to your URL)
    - Yahoo! Backlinks
    - AltaVista Backlinks
    - AllTheWeb Backlinks
    - Age of Domain
    - Link to WHOIS Details
    - Thumbnail which is activated on Rollover
    - Unique: Number of links on the page

    - Link Browsing Feature - A new feature recently added, which I have dubbed the Link Browsing feature, this allows the user to find all the links on the page, and all the links on the pages linked to from that page, etc. Just click on the number of returned links to start this feature. Even better, this opens in a new window, so their results are not lost.

    - Money Back Guarantee - Full refund if the script doesn't work, and you allow me to try and install it, and even then it doesn't work. If I can't figure out how to make it work too, that's when I'll send it back.

    Price: (PayPal only!)

    Just $5


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