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Discussion in 'Trash Can' started by bnscafe, Sep 7, 2014.

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    12. Colleagues are encouraged to address ethical considerations explicitly in their research proposals. At the very least, it is suggested that they would address:

    a. Transparency in declaring the source of all funds received and ensuring that the independence and integrity of research is protected at all times in face of possible donor pressures;

    b. Honest reporting to research staff and subjects about the purpose, methods, and intended and possible use of the research, as well as any risks involved;

    c. Confidentiality of information supplied by research subject and anonymity of respondents;

    d. Independence and impartiality of the researchers to the subject of the research.

    13. Where research is funded by an external organisation, or by an individual donor,

    the School of Technology’s policy is to acknowledge openly the funding source in all publications.

    14. Where research is being conducted in collaboration with another institution , the ethics policies of those institutions should be appended to any proposals to be considered by the Research Ethics Group.

    15. Collaboration with research institutions outside the UK raises special ethical issues related to personal and national disparities in wealth, power, the legal status of the research, political interest and national political and security systems. Researchers are encouraged to bear in mind these differences and provide for them in the evaluation of the ethical consequences of their work."cambridgekipp"

    Researchers should also be aware that there may be a number of national laws and administrative regulations which can affect the conduct of their research pertaining to data dissemination storage, publication, rights of research subjects, sponsors, employers and employees. Researchers should also realise that, with a few exceptional circumstances, social research data is not privileged under the law and that laws may vary by jurisdiction. In the USA, particularly important are the federal regulations governing human subjects’ research, the Privacy Act, the Freedom of Information Act, and the Copyright act. In locations far away from the UK, matters such as disparity of resources or access to publications may need to be handled with sensitivity.


    16. In the case where one or more members of the School wish to raise a grievance about ethical issues in research, he/she/they should write in the first instance to the Chair of the Research Ethics Group, citing the circumstances involved. It is expected that the School’s Research Ethics Group, with or without external consultation, will seek to resolve the grievance to the satisfaction of all parties.

    Learning Strategy

    The medical education program of College of Cambridge Kipp is fully designed on a distance learning basis. Participants will attend the virtual classroom from their homes. Then work on their assignments to reflect on medical education in their own institutions.

    The program is designed to maximize the benefits of distance learning using an interactive teaching strategy. Participants are expected to spend around 15 hours of self-study per week to reflect on the concepts discussed during the motivational session, read further about it and work on their assignments. Actually you will be working on various tasks, including:

    - Skim the assignment to set your learning plan of the week,

    - Use the e-handout of the session to review the concepts discussed,

    - Use the study guide for review selective reading,


    - Read, Read and Read extensively,

    - Start working on your assignment and submit it online before the next session. It does not have to be perfect. Assignment is not only designed to assess your learning progress, but also to identify your learning gaps. Just send it and get feedback from your tutor,

    - Check what the topic of the next session is and get yourself in the mood for it.

    It is advised to plan you time and commitments ahead before registration and dedicate 3 hours/day to get your degree as per the given schedule.

    College of Cambridge Kipp initiativity to help environment

    Our planet is in trouble! Almost every day we seem to hear of yet another problem affecting the environment – and what a list of problems! – pollution, acid rain, climate change, the destruction of rainforests and other wild habitats, the decline and extinction of thousands of species of animals and plants….and so on.
    Nowadays, most of us know that these threats exist and that humans have caused them. Many of us are very worried about the future of our planet and unless we can find a way of solving the problems we have made then the environment will suffer even more.

    It all sounds so sad – but we certainly mustn’t despair! Every one of us, whatever age we are can do something to help slow down and reverse some of the damage. We cannot leave the problem-solving entirely to the experts – we all have a responsibility for our environment. We must learn to live in a sustainable way i.e. learn to use our natural resources which include air, freshwater, forests, wildlife, farmland and seas without damaging them. As populations grow and lifestyles change, we must keep the world in a good condition so that future generations will have the same natural resources that we have.



    Research is carried out across a broad range of subjects within Computer Science. This work is conducted primarily in small research groups, described below.


    · Research groups

    · Multi-group projects

    · Publications

    · Seminars

    · Research degrees

    Some general information about the Computer Laboratory can be found in the department’s Blue Book, which also provides an overview section that outlines of the work undertaken by each research group, with links to group members’ web pages.

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