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Campaign to abolish secret search penalties

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by Have I been penalized..?, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. Have I been penalized..?

    Have I been penalized..? New Member Webmaster

    Dear all,

    I felt this should be a good forum to address website owners who are concerned about secret search engine penalties.

    Has your website seen most of its organic traffic dry up due to a suspected search engine penalty?

    Such penalties are imposed either algorithmically or manually and can cause much frustration as they can last many months to even years. However, search engines such as Google currently refuse to even acknowledge their existence and do not confirm whether a penalty has been imposed.

    We are launching an industry campaign calling for the most basic level of transparency when it comes to search engine penalties. We demand for search engines to offer concerned website owners a means to confirm whether a penalty is in place or not.

    We are launching this campaign publicly very soon - but we need to gather a few more "founder case studies" to build a voice. In case you have a website which has had a suspected penalty but you haven't been to the find out why, please contact me.

    Many thanks

    PS: We are actually based in the UK - so apologies for the U.S. spelling of "penalized". We expect most of our case studies to come from the U.S. and our campaign objective is targeted at major search engines which tend to be U.S. companies - hence the choice of spelling!
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