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Can someone explain this?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by arora, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. arora

    arora New Member Webmaster


    I have a health site (self designed- with sitemaker & self seo - therefore both not excellent).

    Now, what i dont understand is this - my site - eDoctor - is on google dot com and google dot co dot uk - as number 1 for edoctor - not much of competition - but what i dont understand is how come my site having iffy backlinks ( some 400 odd) & regional domain ( i.e India) ranks better than a TLD i.e biz and net with 27,000 backlinks for the .biz web site - with edoctor as the anchor text & older domain etc. I know PR doesn't affect serp's.

    see the search here

    Is it just the title tag or is it something very obvious that i can't see.

    Ok, i have excellent content - most of it is self written - BUT - acc. to page rank algorithm - it is back links which are the major factor.

    Am i wrong?

    Can someone explain!

    it is just that, it is baffling me for some time & i thought that i might bite the bullet and ask here!

    Thanks in advance!

    Abhishek Arora
  2. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    I think a simple answer is that the quality of backlinks counts as well. If the 27,000 link from the other site are from poor quality sites and the 400 your site have are from high quality site, then naturally you small quantity but high quality backlinks trumps the competition.
  3. johnafrankllin

    johnafrankllin New Member Webmaster

    The days have gone when link Popularity was everything to matter. Now it is time to have quality links. one link from a quality site that matches your theme is much more than tens and hundreds of links that do not have to do anything with your site's theme.
    Whatever you are seeing is the result of quality links as i am just guessing.
  4. OldWelshGuy

    OldWelshGuy New Member Webmaster

    Semantic relelevance have played an increasing part in many of the factors in Google's algo for some time.

    As I have said thousands of times, all links are not equal, and one single high quality link can provide more link juice than hundreds, even thousands of little links.
  5. arora

    arora New Member Webmaster

    Thank you all!
    Apart from Wikipedia (they are no follow) and EZA (if they are high quality), i do not think i have a "high quality link" - None that passes link juice - anyway! Some of my own sites - interlinking - but none more than PR 2 or 3!

    So, that's why i couldn't understand it!
  6. scoobby

    scoobby New Member Webmaster

    in non competitive keyphrases this is usualy happening since the site u r mention dont try to get in first place for that keyphrase and u r focus on it.But this will never happen for a competitive keyword.

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