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Can you Overlink a set of keywords

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by zanet, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. zanet

    zanet New Member Webmaster

    I studied my keywords and noticed several around page 2 or 3 on SERPS

    So i made an assumption that some good internal linking using the keyword in the anchor text in the same site would push the rankings up to page 1

    In effect i used the "Blogroll" style links in WordPress so i had a top 10 searched area listing these 10 keyword rich links on the right column of EVERY page

    Since then my traffic overall on the site has gone down
    its almost a month since this change

    So what should i do?

    A) Assume Google doesn't like 100s of links on a right column and therefore its triggered a negative score

    B) Allow more time than a month

    C) Remove the links from the right column of every page and just add the key word to the landing page a few more times natuarlly into the content

    D) None of the above...instead tell me what you would do

    Many thanks for your time

  2. benacheson

    benacheson New Member Webmaster

    Excessive linking looks spammy. It's a blatant (and misguided) attempt to fool search engines.

    Links should be for users. Forget the search engines, except to make sure spiders can navigate to every page of your site via at least one text link. When trying to boost your rankings in any way, always ask yourself:

    1) Is this for users?
    2) What would somebody from Google say if I told them about this?

    You need to remove your excessive links. If your rankings don't improve within 2 months (although they should) then you might need to request reconsideration from Google but there are no guarantees this will help, especially if you engage in other practices that look spammy or deceptive:

  3. webcreationuk

    webcreationuk New Member Webmaster

    I saw this on another website that got a penalty...read more about internal linking and how to properly create one.

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