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Can you sell what you are selling?

Discussion in 'Monetisation' started by Alternative4u, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. Alternative4u

    Alternative4u New Member Webmaster

    I know that everyone want to operate a shop on line, make a bit of money, easy to run, cheap to open a shop, but people need to start to think about the items they intend selling.
    To open or buy your shop if you simply have not even thought of what you are to sell can get people into big costly problems.
    Some people I hear have decided to look at FREE Home Office and Social Services websites, copy everything and insert the pages into the new great shop, and then charge folk say £10 or even £100's to buy this data, when if looked for is free.
    Anyway beware, as I have just heard that people are being summond min of £50,000 each because the UK Gov have set up teams searching for these sites, and lots are awaiting the time in Courts all over the UK.
    Beware it seem big brother is searching for all of us.

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