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change timezones in php

Discussion in 'Programming' started by gilbertsavier, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. gilbertsavier

    gilbertsavier New Member Webmaster

    PHP scripting language have an built in function to change between the timezones , you will need the PEAR package . In the following example show you how to convert from GMT system format to IST Format .

    // include class
    include ("Date.php");

    // initialize object
    $d = new Date("2008-10-03 16:23:48");

    // set server time zone

    // print server time
    echo "Local time is " . $d->format("%A, %d %B %Y %T") . "\n";

    // convert to IST

    // output converted date/time
    echo "Destination time is " . $d->format("%A, %d %B %Y %T");


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