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Changing template

Discussion in 'Boss Cart - JV Series' started by salesdandj, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. salesdandj

    salesdandj New Member Webmaster

    Can any one help I have loaded jv and now have problems changing the template/ skin ?? I have downloaded sevral skins but have same problem which is when I goto template manager it only gives me error codes!!! all I need is to get rid of this golf skin and replace with place of pleasure skin (Idealy) or the after dark skin. any one help as I am now just pulling my hair out, Not as easy as people say or perhaps I am having a BLOND week!!! I have read most of the forum now and have just confused my self help needed !!!
    Kind Regards.
  2. Bagi Zoltán

    Bagi Zoltán Boss Cart consultant Webmaster

    Hi Anne, the downloadable templates can be found at bosscart.com websites are not compatible with the JV version. And we only have one template for that and that is the golf skin. If you are comfortable with css you may easily edit this as I wrote it in the private message that I sent you yesterday. We are going to provide wider variety of templates for th JV, but as far as I know, the project is on the way.
    Thank you for understanding!
  3. salesdandj

    salesdandj New Member Webmaster

    Thank you

    Thank you bagi for your reply and help

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