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Chatting tool increases traffic

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by lemonice, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. lemonice

    lemonice Guest

    hey first time poster here,
    but i see a lot of you guys talking about increasing traffic at your web sites, and i didnt know where to stick this post so i put it where there are the most topics :-o . I know that Sina (chinese company, I'm from china) is offering a chatting tool that allows users who are on the same webpage to chat with one another. So if you have a particularly interesting piece at you website, you can install the tool (and its free i believe) to incite conversation and probably increase traffic. installation is pretty simple you just need to copy and paste a couple of lines into your webpage html, and theres a 'how to' guide at its website. I heard they also added new IM features to it. Anyways just a suggestion.

    the device is called Woocall

    heres the link to the english version of the website
  2. I find that those sort of tools are great for buisness websites. so the custmer can talk to the slaes people then and there. I've only ever saw it on web-host sites. I gave it consideration for my own sites, but when I'm online I usually have too much to do. I guess I'd rather have customers email me, as it gives me 24 hours to reply.

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