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Discussion in 'General Webmaster Helpdesk' started by Win8282, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. Win8282

    Win8282 Guest

    I hope you don't think it is too bad.
    My forum is http://s3.invisionfree.com/saurons_forces_sf

    can you give me feedback on it??
    It is an alliance forum, so when my alliance gets big and I get lotsa ppl in my alliance, I will get it hosted by ukwebmaster!
  2. Lanre

    Lanre Guest

    Nice forum. I like the color and it is easy to navigate too.
  3. ovi

    ovi Guest



    I like it. Lord of the Rings rulz ;)

  4. Win8282

    Win8282 Guest


    Thank you! I thought my forum is bad.... I mean, it was my first approach ever into actuall forum or website making. I never even had classes on html, or website making...
    Thanks!!! I guess all that you guys say raises my self-esteem!! 8)
  5. Win8282

    Win8282 Guest


    And guys, I bet termi will be exceptionally happy for this, but I am going to create a link in my website redirecting it to UK Webmaster World!!!
    I am going to create a section saying : HTML Tags.
    And in one of my stikies, I'm gonna put this site as a #1 guide!!!
  6. ovi

    ovi Guest


    Thnks a lot man, you're the best.

  7. demerse

    demerse Guest

  8. John

    John Guest

    nice forum and also thanks for the link, also it reminds me of doing it since my website is now back online.
  9. Win8282

    Win8282 Guest

    Thnx guys.... you guys.... thnx for not lowering my self-esteem...

    Thank you, really, this is a wonderful forum!
  10. Duke

    Duke Guest

    Nice looking site, great colors, easy to navigate, great job!

    I wish I could find a birthday mod exactly as yours is for phpbbtonuke.

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