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Cincinnati Email Marketing - Email Marketing Do and Do Not

Discussion in 'Email' started by johnmarshal, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. johnmarshal

    johnmarshal New Member Webmaster

    To Make Email Marketing successful, one has to do it properly. To get high
    results, one needs to be very careful. Following are the Do and Do not of Email Marketing.

    Things that you can do

    • Create a powerful and a snappy subject line that doesn't sound like an ad.
    • You should use HTML rather than plain text.
    • You should always design the e-mail.
    • You can also rely on list-management software or services to deal with subscription changes.
    • You should always track your messages' effectiveness.

    Things that you should not do (Do not)

    • You should never get blacklisted.
    • Do not use JavaScript or background images.
    • Never fail to include an unsubscribe link and a physical mailing address
    • along with your message, as required by federal anti-spam law.
    • You should never assume that message recipients will see included images--some e-mail programs will not.
    • One important thing that you should keep in mind is that never send at the wrong time.
    • E-mail marketing is an important strategy that one must fully understand it before venturing into it.

    John Marshal.
    Thanks to AJS Promotional Media.
  2. Aquarezz

    Aquarezz New Member Webmaster

    Thanks for this thread, pretty informative in fact. Great read, only one thing:
    You don't know if your mail/domain will get blacklisted or not. You might think everything goes fine, but it doesn't. Got any things on that on how we can check it?

  3. Jack Wevers

    Jack Wevers New Member Webmaster

    Blacklisting check

    You can let it check if you are a member of aweber. It is very useful to have an auto-responder and automated follow-up messages if you are going for list building.

    It is 1 month trial for 1 dollar so not a lot of risk, you can check it at: ib (dot) aweber (dot) com
    Good luck

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