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Cloak Me - Mask Affiliate Links with Pretty Permalinks and Redirect Spiders

Discussion in 'SEO' started by adbox, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. adbox

    adbox New Member Webmaster

    Cloak Me
    Pretty Link Cloaking and Spider Redirection



    This is my latest plugin and It's very simple and powerful. There are some plugins already established that do something similar and have more options (WP Link Engine), but they run 75.00+ and I'm selling this simplified version for only $10.00 (Paypal only).

    What does it do?
    Allows you to replace affiliate links with customizable permalinks, and redirects non-human traffic back to your blog using a variety of filtering techniques.



    Why use it?
    Two reasons.

    1. To give your affiliate links a pretty format and withhold immediate disclosure that you are about to redirect visitors offsite.
    2. To provide lite protection from search engines. (You may not want them to be able to measure how many outbound affiliate links which might flag your new site for potential sandboxing (why risk it?); also to redirect spider traffic to on-site pages to further increase your indexing rate.)

    Is it safe?
    As long as I have been active in the IM community I've never heard of a site being penalized for protecting it's self from search engines in this way.

    It is possible that Google has spiders that cloak themselves as human visitors so as to discover information it might not be able to otherwise, but there is no proof that inconsistencies found by these hypothetical spiders have been used against link cloaking practitioners. In spite of this hypothetical risk the most successful marketers I know insist in this type of cloaking for their own benefit.
    Why not go with a more expensive solution?
    It really depends on your needs. This is the bare bone solution and very competent in what it sets out to achieve. If you have the money to invest in something better with more options then jump on it; I even review some alternatives on my sales page (WP Link Engine).

    But for 10.00 dollar this is a friend of a tool, and a cheap and efficient alternative.
    Can I see it in Action?
    Sure. I made some videos of me demonstrating it. Go easy on me! They and also some screen shots on the sales page as well as an in depth feature list.
    How to buy?

    Sales Page Here:

    Cloak Me - Wordpress Link Cloaker & Spider Redirection | Wordpress Link Cloaker

    Feel free to ask any questions!

    Thanks for your time and Interest!
    Hudson Atwell

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