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Cone crusher in the basic structure and how it works

Discussion in 'General Webmaster Helpdesk' started by huaipingguo8, May 8, 2012.

  1. huaipingguo8

    huaipingguo8 New Member Webmaster

    The broken cone crusher crushing effect cycle crusher are basically the same. Also used movable cone and fixed cone between the face to the crushing. Moving cone supported on spherical bearings, and fixed in a suspension on the vertical axis, vertical axis placed eccentric sleeve, and the eccentric sleeve is placed on the thrust bearing.

    Move the cone together with the vertical axis driven by the eccentric bushing eccentric sleeve by the horizontal axis and pulley by a bevel gear to drive. Pulley from the motor through a belt drive. The lower part of the vertical axis into the eccentric sleeve, draw a conical surface to the axis when the eccentric sleeve rotation.

    Dynamic cone near the ore is crushed when the cone is not moving. The chassis consists of upper and lower parts, bolted. Bolt a strong spring action of the spring is when the metal or other hard objects fall into the crushing chamber without damage to the crusher.

    If there is a piece of metal or other hard objects and ore into the crushing chamber together, not moving cone was lifted up, increased to discharge port of discharge. Sometimes cone crusher is the use of the hydraulic device to adjust the size of Pai mine mouth.

    Ore from the mine mouth fell into the machine by allocating disk, distribution panel mounted on the vertical axis side, due to the vertical axis of rotation, vibration, ore evenly around the cone. By means of attached to the hinge rod and hinge of the handle, so do not move the cone up or down, to adjust the width of the port of discharge. The parts are manufactured in cast, dynamic cone and fixed cone face inlaid with manganese steel liner to protect the cone from wear and tear, worn liner can be replaced, the replacement of the liner and cone poured into the melting lead close bond between them.

    Crushing cone crusher, known as the short head cone crusher, called "circular grinding. It with the broken cone crushing machine structure is basically the same, the only difference is that the movable cone and fixed cone shape. Shorter than the short head cone crusher, movable cone and fixed cone, between the two cone parallel with long, to the entrance to the mine and the port of discharge is relatively small, so you can get smaller products.

    In addition to standard short head cone crusher, as well as between them the difference between a product called medium-sized cone crusher, both for the broken can also be used for crushing. The main difference between standard, medium, short head cone crusher is the cross sectional shape of the crushing chamber. Therefore, to the ore particle size and particle size of the row of ore.

    Gyratory crusher for crushing, the standard cone crusher mining machine used in the broken, the short head type cone crusher for crushing. , Crushing cone crusher specifications with fixed diameter D of the cone at the bottom of said.

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